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Highschool DxD episode 07 preview

Originally supposed to be an Ani Site update, but most sites don’t have any significant updates at this time

An odd person, that webmaster be. I recall the ep 04 preview that also had a pic of Koneko. This girl hardly has screen time…. webmaster is a secret Koneko fan? 😀


That new banner is up, and something of mine is up too :P

Ah, would have posted this earlier had I not spent some time out. Well, how often do I talk about my outings out in downtown? First let’s get down to business.

My new banner is finally up, just hours after the scans went up. Again, I was working on this after lunch, when my schedule had to shift an entire day, so some of that time was spent over at the SM Megamall. As you can see, I did 3 nude filters in almost 2 hours. Definitely a new record for me, I used to think doing 1 a day was overkill, but 3? GLORIOUS XD

But eh? That’s it? Where’s the complete nude filters at the Sankaku Channel, moeren, insertnextbestimagesitehere? I know this is going to sound very weird, complicated, extremely strange, but…. I will not be releasing them, at all for that matter. Why? WHYYYYYYY you ask? Know that this isn’t about exclusivity to my blog, or whatever, heck this is my first update since…. whatever, the point is, I have 2 reasons, one of them is personal, but the other one is obvious and hilarious: the nude filtered versions of the Megami/Nyantype scans you see in my banner? Yeah, just those 3 girls on the right. I have a rule, ja, and that is “do not upload incomplete work”, and as you might know about the source scans that I have used, the ZnT scan also has Louise in it, the Guilty Crown scan has Inori and Tsugumi, and of course the Ano Natsu scan has Lemon, Kanna and Mio in it. I of course did not ‘shop those girls, hence, “incomplete” work. But…. maybe if you folks donate time to me, I miiiiiiiight reconsider 😛

Speaking of my time outside, I know I don’t talk about it much, but this time was entertaining as it was enlightening. First off, the Power Mac store in the CyberZone at SM Megamall, one of the iPads was not operational:

Notice the red bar on the screen, which is the dead battery indicator.

The reason why:

Yep, power cord is funked XD. So I had to scoot over to a vacate one (a loli was playing with the black iPad), and one reason why I had to mention all this, is because this is the first time I ever saw the iPad in the flesh, and in operation. All I was amused about was how thin the thing was. But then the other Android tablets I held were like that too, so 😛 By the way, I took a portrait photo of myself on one of those iPads. Darn, forgot to delete the incriminating evidence!

Speaking of loli’s *cough* I got a funny true story. When I was exfil-ing the mall, a little girl was running around waaah waaah, and you know how they have those mall directories near the entrance/exit? Well, this one is a giant touchscreen, and this girl runs over to it screaming and then she takes that little hand of hers and slams her palm onto the screen. Man, I had to laugh so hard because the screen rejected that giant capacitive palm of hers XD…. she reminded me of Papa no Iu Koto Kikinasai’s Hinata XD

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Ani Site updates: the last week before this post….

I don’t understand. Why in the world would a country celebrate another country’s holiday? Seriously, let me give an extreme example…… Imagine if Iran celebrated the USA’s Independance Day. Never mind, my rants aren’t going to reach the government anyways….

Highschool DxD

One of the funny things about Yahoo these days is their comments. Yep, practically any website with comments are funny too. But the prevalent funny thing happening at Yahoo right now is the general consensus among readers that Yahoo should attach pictures to their new articles. The next best suggestion was to erase those damn video clips and let us actually read the articles, not watch them. In honor of my continued support of Yahoo since 1997, and a big grin to all their readers, I will post the pictures from the Flash file so that you don’t need to go to a computer that has Flash player just to see these pictures.

Say mister webmaster, are you still asleep buddy? Because for version 2, the main site still said Version 1 for a bit, but now the site says Version 3 but the flash page says Version 2….

C3 CubexCursexCurious

Oh right, there’s nothing here. No Goods, from the start of the series, well into the entire Fall season, even till now, the Goods page remains “Coming Soon”. Why? Is this series not popular enough? To think they ended this series heavily laying on the Season 2 stuff….

Dog Days

Well, according to the main site, looks like they’ll be attending an event on March 31 through April 1. With Yui Horie in tow as well as some other cast members (I presume, since Miyano Mamoru is listed), maybe they’ll announce some Season 2 details? Hope so!

RE: the controversy pokes fun at Guilty Crown again

To celebrate (!) Gai’s death, I present the alternate universe:

Note: the joke might make more sense if you watched a certain communist sub >__>

Ani Site updates Jan 12, 2012

Something I forgot to mention last time is added to this post instead.

Highschool DxD Episode 02 preview

 The preview for episode 02 is up, and if I had to be blunt, the story bit looks to be a snoozer. At least they threw in some fanservice, eh? XD Speaking of this series, I just realized it’s pronounced as Highschool D D….. and I always added an “x” when I say it 😛

Ben-to extras
The images are in their original size so don’t bother clicking them to see a larger one 😦

Not sure if you folks remember, but the Ben-to BDVD extra’s used to be line art only (sorry, can’t find the images which I thought I saved.) Well they’re in color now, as well as a new Ayame Dakimakura just went up 😀

Ano Natsu de Matteru avatars

Animesuki friendly avatars:

I know she’s not named Mizuho. I know she looks like a younger Mizuho Kusanagi (Ha! I got her last name right!). I know I like her, that’s for sure 😀

Ani Site updates Jan 10, 2012

Oh man what a day, what a morning. Or was that supposed to be the other way around. Ah, but it’s nice to finally battle against the ridiculousness of my wireless carrier, so I have a lot of catching up to do (I’m looking at you, Fakku! :P)

Ah I mean it’s finally nice to get back to the Ani site updates, something I thought of after last year’s Mayo Chiki aired, updating folks on the main sites of the anime that currently airs.

Highschool DxD

The student council!

There was one Anime series that had friends assigned with letters. I decided to name these 4 Friend A, B, C and D, left to right, which seems to be the easiest way for me to remember them (yes, I’m just getting used to remembering male characters’ names lol).

I don’t think I need to mention how crazy I am for pantsu with a little bow on the crotch area XD

There’s also the OP (ep 01 ED er… I actually haven’t seen it yet, bloody slow connection lol), as well as that loli preview (are they going to get some screen time in next ep? Better be 😀 )

C3 Cube X Cursed X Curious

Behold, the limited edition (which means sold out by now) disc extra’s! Does not come in normal production sets!

Grr. SAMPLE, my nemesis, returns! Curse you, sample! You make my work harder every time we meet!

But did I just finally see Konoha’s pantsu? Pink with frills? I died XD

Hey, you can’t blame me for not remembering. I really think we never did see her pantsu before. Her pajama’s do not count.

That’s all for today, as it looks like Dog Days has finally ended it’s special wallpaper run for the website. As you might have guessed I’m just starting to get things done now, having overcome the hurdle that is my laptop hdd. Speaking of lappy’s, with CES 2012 around the corner, it is bound to bring out the crazies and the witty’s. Here’s my choice quote for the day, a comment and it’s reply over @ Engadget for the new HP Envy Spectre laptop:

posted by CharredBarn 10 hours ago

Envy Spectre… the dumbest name imaginable. Envy sounds like it oughta the name of a fragrance marketed by Li’l Kim or someone equally tacky. Then: Spectre. Like a ghost. Does anyone envy a ghost, apart from 9 year-old boys or black metallers? The two words don’t make sense together, and the combination sounds ridiculous to boot. It’s like they’re trying to market it to Hoochie Mama chicks with the word “envy,” and also their goofy male counterparts with a bad ass name like “spectre.” Ridiculous. And this is coming from someone who loves everybody! 
posted by rae smi 10 hours ago in reply to CharredBarn


so.. wat u think abt the laptop? 

LOL want to complain about names? Take it to the MTV website. At least talk about the laptop itself 😛

New Highschool DxD previews

You can watch it here (sorry I didn’t embed it.)

How bad is my connection? My wireless carrier seems to hate all things Google (seriously), and my uploads to my blog here are always incomplete, so you might have noticed most of the images here are from my WordPress blog. Frustrating.