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First of many… HaHaHa…

Very funny. I failed the goal over the weekend simply because I forgot one thing: it was the weekend. That’s the reason why I was so happy to catch DxD on a Friday because my weekend schedule is different than the weekdays, and having taken a break from brain intensive duties, I didn’t factor in my actively shuffling weekend schedule.

And you, Sphie, you silly bastage! I bet you knew that this pic already had a nude ‘shop, yet you failed to tell me! You, who always spams me loli’s, and you failed to tell me! I know I talk cryptic but how the heck was I supposed to know? Do you know what it’s like to have a bad connection, to the point where you have to browse with images off just to make it crawl, and then you check to see if a shop is made,…. with your browser not displaying images!?? BLAST YOU 😀

…And then I saw that the resolution was vehemently smaller, like, almost 3 times smaller than my shop. What. The. HECK. What is the point of such goodness being hampered by a smaller resolution? What is my problem with small resolutions? I thought everyone had a better computer than me lol. But seriously, I’ve been a Megami/that gaming magazine poster collector since the last decade, and I had this idea: Kinko’s. Anyone in the USA would know what I mean when I say KINKO’s. You see, Kinko’s is a copy shop, and they had this service where you bring a pic in a flash drive and have them print it at gargantuan sizes. Yeah, like, almost close to billboard sizes. So I had the grandiose idea of doing that with my Megami posters. Except you know….. that was the business district, and a guy like me having them print a Megami poster?

Yeah I’m crazy.

A preview of the first batch of edits

A funny thing, isn’t it? I was waiting the whole last week of February for these posters, and the first ones that went up was that Louise one. So I tried my hand at that, and I didn’t get far when the Tiffania poster went up, so I went through a test run and then the ano Natsu ones went up, a whole bunch more until the ones I was waiting for, Lagranger finally went up. Now I have a bunch of half done works all at the same time, not what I was expecting especially since the Louise one has already been done. To be honest, I didn’t like that one because it was too easy. I like challenges like the cheerleader Lagranger one, heck even the Papakiki one above is giving me a headache due to the lens flare that’s already on the pic, sure Mew was finished in a heartbeat but I’m editing at full resolution, and Sora’s got one great big butt right there 😀

Let’s hope I sleep well, though I’d hate to wake up and see someone else do these. I’m practically doing half of the Megami lineup, and half of the Nyantype lineup. All at the same time, I better finish one first before I do a silly batch upload, these files are the largest I’ve dealt with yet.

A cat is fine too…

…wait, fine? Oh yeah, how about, “A catgirl is EVEN BETTER” XD

Try to see the difference with the original scan of Volume 11

To be honest, I feel so lost. I’ve never done this before, trying to relax, take a break, etc. Forcing myself to think less and relax, that doesn’t feel right. It’s like, always driving a Ferrari at 15mph. It wasn’t made for that XD

So, my idea of relaxation is this: photoshop.

Captain America: What is this?
mangatron: The first of many.

Let’s see if I can make a record. Most edited Megami Nyantype posters in a certain time frame. Up next, Ano Natsu de Matteru x2 as well as the two Zero no Tsukaima posters and one of the PapaKiki posters, keep an eye out on the WordPress blog. Like that Ironhide said, I got better things to do tonight than die 😛

And how about that episode 09, eh?

Akeno jumps… and forgot her clothes on the way up

To say I love this girl, is an understatement. To say I want to make love to this girl, is an understatement. What can I say? No words can describe it…but that I love her so much, I took her clothes off :p

Q:  So mangatron, what’s the hardest part about doing this ‘shop job?

A: It’s between my legs.

Q: Seriously.

A: Joking aside, the hardest part? That I didn’t want to get it wrong. A girl at Animesuki quipped about a previous shop job I did, and how the girl looked like she had many the “encounters” for her vagoo lol. Was I going to make it a simple slit? Pubic hair? Nothing at all *cough*? I said you know what, this girl is engaging in vigorous activities, she jumped, she spreads her legs*snicker* and eureka, we get a good view of her, you know, and that’s why I made it quite visible as it is, let’s face it, she’s not sitting down with her legs closed, when she spreads, we can SEE THE ENDING YEAAAAAHHH *high fives*

Q: Why did you edit Issei’s face?

A: No idea why… I was going eradicate his annoying presence of the glorious view.

Q: Are you going to do the other wonderful scenes from episode 07?

A:  No promises. Maybe…… I got Akeno fever, I might as well keep going while I got that wunderbahr drive still going :p

I forgot to mention that the source image is of course from episode 07, but stiched by Dahak here, since I somewhat find myself bored of doing it myself 😛

That new banner is up, and something of mine is up too :P

Ah, would have posted this earlier had I not spent some time out. Well, how often do I talk about my outings out in downtown? First let’s get down to business.

My new banner is finally up, just hours after the scans went up. Again, I was working on this after lunch, when my schedule had to shift an entire day, so some of that time was spent over at the SM Megamall. As you can see, I did 3 nude filters in almost 2 hours. Definitely a new record for me, I used to think doing 1 a day was overkill, but 3? GLORIOUS XD

But eh? That’s it? Where’s the complete nude filters at the Sankaku Channel, moeren, insertnextbestimagesitehere? I know this is going to sound very weird, complicated, extremely strange, but…. I will not be releasing them, at all for that matter. Why? WHYYYYYYY you ask? Know that this isn’t about exclusivity to my blog, or whatever, heck this is my first update since…. whatever, the point is, I have 2 reasons, one of them is personal, but the other one is obvious and hilarious: the nude filtered versions of the Megami/Nyantype scans you see in my banner? Yeah, just those 3 girls on the right. I have a rule, ja, and that is “do not upload incomplete work”, and as you might know about the source scans that I have used, the ZnT scan also has Louise in it, the Guilty Crown scan has Inori and Tsugumi, and of course the Ano Natsu scan has Lemon, Kanna and Mio in it. I of course did not ‘shop those girls, hence, “incomplete” work. But…. maybe if you folks donate time to me, I miiiiiiiight reconsider 😛

Speaking of my time outside, I know I don’t talk about it much, but this time was entertaining as it was enlightening. First off, the Power Mac store in the CyberZone at SM Megamall, one of the iPads was not operational:

Notice the red bar on the screen, which is the dead battery indicator.

The reason why:

Yep, power cord is funked XD. So I had to scoot over to a vacate one (a loli was playing with the black iPad), and one reason why I had to mention all this, is because this is the first time I ever saw the iPad in the flesh, and in operation. All I was amused about was how thin the thing was. But then the other Android tablets I held were like that too, so 😛 By the way, I took a portrait photo of myself on one of those iPads. Darn, forgot to delete the incriminating evidence!

Speaking of loli’s *cough* I got a funny true story. When I was exfil-ing the mall, a little girl was running around waaah waaah, and you know how they have those mall directories near the entrance/exit? Well, this one is a giant touchscreen, and this girl runs over to it screaming and then she takes that little hand of hers and slams her palm onto the screen. Man, I had to laugh so hard because the screen rejected that giant capacitive palm of hers XD…. she reminded me of Papa no Iu Koto Kikinasai’s Hinata XD

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Kobato needs to sunbathe…

…and I removed her swimsuit for you so you can apply the lotion! Now, you can reach the most intimate of intimate areas, giving her full coverage against the elements! UV Rays can’t touch that smooth, vampy skin 😀

Original screenshot of episode 07

Current age:

No swimsuit

And here’s where the controversy starts. Kobato several years from now:

She is 16 years old! Honestly! /end Nadesico Ruri Hoshino garage kit joke

Heterochromia version

Now, before you say “ah, you just made the boobies bigger”, look at the pic again. And I mean look at it again, and notice how the resolution height is no longer 720p. It now has a height of 739 pixels, and that’s because I did more than just give her a boob job. Her body has grown exponentially! That’s right! I have created the world’s first time machine, and now Kobato is legal! Whoohoo!

Comparison. Smaller Kobato is the original version.

Yeah, I didn’t like how easy it was to photoshop this. That’s why I followed my life long personal credo of “Complicated Simplicity” by going the extra mile with 16 YEARS OLD Kobato 🙂 (okay I’m done with the Nadesico joke lol) In the end the whole thing was enjoyable mainly because this is the first major photoshop job that I used with my old self-repaired trackball. Now it’s easy as pie!

Something hilarious for now

As my health and real life take a toll on me, I was trying to work on that tutorial I promised for the Shirley edit. Since photoshop happened to be open, I decided to do something quick and cheap to reinforce a joke (I am about to make) @ Animesuki:

Naked Apron MATSY!!!!!!! Awhooo

 Why is it quick and cheap, even though it looks so good? Because I am employing the Eye Deception rule, by making the above image smaller to compensate for lower details. Here’s how it looks originally:

Click for larger image

I will not pursue this photoshop job merely for the fact that my life is taxed at the moment….

That curtain has been banished!

Before:What the 400KB?


Charlotte Dunois

Hmm... Hmmmmmmmm.......YUMMY!!!

Coming up, I’ll have a tutorial on how to do this quickly and efficiently, as my laptop is no longer capable of sustaining intense photoshopping like this (I had to quit and restart Photoshop every 30 actions, give or take 10), so the sooner I share the knowledge, the less I have to do photoshop jobs like this :P.