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R-15 episode 01: more like Rated R

Why censor her? The girl was just going to lift her skirt to cool her self down after a hot day…

Hmm, when was the last time I’ve seen lipstick on an Anime Girl that looked this good?

Ah, if I ever needed a reason to watch this series, she’d be it…

…except there’s quite a number of twintails to go around,


Chief-chan actually went no-pan…

Listen up TV stations! The censors are too bright, ya hear? Because she says so!

She needs a dakimakura with a clarinet on it, hugging this hard thing isn’t healthy…

Hey, any Infinite Stratos viewers out there? Looks like Clarinet girl went to the same twilight zone as Ichika lol.

Ok, this be the second Anime I’ve seen this season that defies the Laws of Physics. First of all, we have the guy being all heroic and trying to… defend against a missile.
 Forget the absurdity of that, what is important is that he’s facing the missile, and let’s round it off to him having his back to her. Now, the explosion dictates that objects in contention with the force must be blown backwards.
 Now, looking at the bench, it suffered a terrible blow straight down the middle, meaning that girl should be particles in the wind. Even so, the explosion would have blown her up and over the bench, over the plateau, and down the cliff. Yet, we see him on top, her simply having rolled down off the bench, and despite the fairly intact clothes of the two, the poor bench suffered critical damage. I have now just typed this whole thing for nothing.

Hopefully Sadistic Chief-chan will continue to have more screen time, I admit she’ll be the driving force behind my will to watch this series.

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idolmAster episode 01: FPS anime

My waifu. Look at those legs!

Ah, idolmAster. Everytime I think of an iMaster anime, I always remember Xenoglossia… if that’s how it’s spelled lol. Really, back when that Xenoglossia came out, it struck me as odd, I was expecting something more like what we have now for Summer 2011.

And I don’t mind more of this kind of first person Anime style for iMaster. It’s fun, I’ll tell you that much. Life at the office is so lively with this many girls, and what, before producer-san arrived, there was only 1 male? President-san was a lucky guy XD

Oh, and this made me laugh:

I don’t need to explain, right? Because I’d love to show her something I have that changes as it gets bigger 😛

And I seriously want to be Hibiki’s hamtaro. I love that girl, she’s got nice proportions, not too big up there, purrty legs, and a ponytail. MY WAIFU. Not saying I don’t like Miki’s big ones 😀 Anyways at the end of the ep, producer-san is no longer a faceless fellow. All those iMaster doujins made me laugh too, at how we the reader was supposed to be him. Oh, and the dancing credits, ah a good reason to watch the credits for every ep, let’s see if I can do that.

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Mayonnaise Chicken Episode 01

Makes me wonder if I ever tasted chicken dipped in mayonnaise. Aside from a chicken burger anyways…

But I totally got the MM! vibes from this, mainly of the guy getting beat by the girls. And really, that’s such an obvious pairing right there, a girl dressing up as a boy, what a perfect medicine for a guy afraid of girls. Where have I seen that before… amusing that they called him a chicken, considering I already decided on that.

I still enjoy this series though, my M tendencies aside, as the girls are so purrty (Subaru in hair down girl uniform mode). I am hereby awestruck by Narumi. May the world know this day that the mangatron hath fallen for Yukikaze all over again XD NARUMI IS MY WAIFU AWHOOOOO NICE BIG EARS

Yes, I have not read the manga. Yes, that is an egg head decision and yes, I don’t think I will read it until the series finishes airing lol….

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Young Justice Episode 10

Some of the new changes to my blogging, due to the retirement of my personal blog I’ll be posting about things like this too, not just Anime and Manga. 

 I gotta say, Wendy looks cute. It’s really just one of those rare cases where I got this hot feeling in my heart for a girl like her. Can I hope for more school life in my superhero cartoon? 😀

Still, it’s getting kinda hard to keep up with this style of directing for Young Justice, where during the action they cut into slice of life, then back to action. Not the first time, but it’s going to take some getting used to, as I understand the creators are taking this series seriously with character development and how seriously connected all the episodes are in terms of continuity. I mean, the last great DC series I got into was Justice League and JLU, which kept it’s episodic roots but had some continuity among them. Still though, I love Young Justice, although episode 10 strangely lacked Robin and Kid Flash >__>

But, as usual, the best part:

For a moment there, I thought I was watching Anime lol

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Dog Days Episode 11

Since I seem to have failed again to blog every episode of a season, I figured the best solution to a timestrapped personage like me is to post what I post at Animesuki…

 I see London, I see France, I-…. never mind
Hahaha HA, episode 11! But it’s all over a bit too quick! While I was right that Yukikaze and Brioche were right down there waiting for it, I still think the whole evil sword thing is resolved without much of an explanation. Like, who built it (Biscuitti Factories?), where’d it come from (summoned from another world?), and why wasn’t it a giant octopus instead of a sword, at least those magic tentacles would have made more sense tantalizing the girls of Flonyard.


She got the biggest ones in this series… you know what I’m talking about
But whatever, Leon-sama is sorry, Yukikaze is probably a 900 yr old, and peace reigns in the land. Except for the part where we didn’t get to see much of a fight the last couple of eps, with the Color girls getting as short of a fight as their ep 05 battle, we only got 1 scene of General Goodwin, and Rolan and Bernard still remain on the sidelines like always. And Ricochet never used her artillery…
Oh wow, Eclair is into petting! Me first!   
I kinda laughed though when we were shown more scenes of Leon-sama in Millimeter’s special place. They were really, really close….
What in the world did Millimeter do to get that mussed up?
But more importantly we got deredere Eclair! Blushing Eclair! Eclair who-didn’t-gut-punch Sink when he grabbed her :heh: I bet she’s gonna cry when Sink leaves :p
Yup, she’s nekkid. How else do ya explain those deadly curves? XD
Anyways, quite a concert that was. Millimeter has the technology to change clothes at will? So it doesn’t have to be a leaf? She could have used this last ep when her clothes disappeared XD
 Ah look, she didn’t punch him. He should have petted her right there.

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Hoshizora he Kakaru Hashi Episode 09: best ep yet

What the heck?!? How could someone watch an ep like that? I am enraged LOL

Disclaimer: some of that was not originally censored.

Personal disclaimer: the mangatron was conflicted censoring the
zombie's butt. On the one hand, he wanted to cover it up, on the other
hand, he did not want to see that XD

Hidan No Aria episode 01

Well here’s a series I knew of before the Anime announcement, Hidan No Aria. But like Dai Maou though, it was through it’s manga version, and not the novel version. That’s kind of going in the weird direction right? The first adaption, and then the second adaption. But something tells me I won’t dive into the original source like Dai Maou, for reasons as lame as “not enough time”. This episode review will be seen from the manga reader’s view, so if I suddenly spout something unknown, it probably would help to read the manga a bit.

So, episode 01 starts in a rather thrilling way… Imagine sticking a bomb under Paperboy’s bike, and the gameplay is “deliver XXX newspapers before the timer expires while dodging obstacles, oncoming traffic and inbound bombing runs, if mission fails, BOOM!” For some reason I’m finding myself wanting to play a game like that XD

I want to know who started that, you know. The part where like the first 5-10 minutes of a movie has this really interesting lead-in that is supposed to keep you in your seat, lately lots of anime has been opening their first episodes in a similar fashion *cough*Strike Witches S2*cough* so not only do you get this Paperboy sequence in the beginning, a good chunk of the episode has it again, so the first episode has a little less content than it looks. After the OP comes a little slice of life that is supposed to introduce you to the protagonist, where you’ll think the girl who visits him (Shirayuki) is his girlfriend, and where you’ll think Kinji is a model student, but when he gets to school his bike was rigged for impact. Ah, as the Americans would say, that’s a hot seat. On his bike. I think I got that wrong. But he’s still biking around town like the Biker Mice and he’s got a Uzi armed Segway painting his six.
I don’t even know if I called it correctly, but the title girl, Aria, is probably the main character. Meh, I guess only for a shoujo series, but anyways, she spies him from atop a building. Sure, from that height it’s not too hard to see a bike being chased by a unmanned Segway, but I’m impressed that she managed to time her jump that well, because I know it’s not easy calculating the various factors of speed, wind, distance, or anomalies of third parties. Heck, what if the Segway decided to fire at her chute? It’d be a short end to this series 😛
She does manage to save his ass (literally), but I found it quite amusing how far they actually rolled (from the street, past the school gate, into the equipment shed. I’d say 50-80 meters lol). The scene between Kinji and Aria while stuck in the stack of jumping horse things was amusing, and nice to see animated. But then a couple more Segways show up. First thing I’m thinking of is, imagine if all these guys were chasing Kinji on the bike. No way Aria would be here right now XD. Anyways, Kinji’s all excited from having a rather flat chest literally on his face, so he’s gone and activated Gentleman mode, and brings out of the line of fire and saves the day. I just love how Aria is all blushing over it.
Aria’s still pissed at Kinji for having a good view of her chest, and she hides back in the jumping horses to fix her skirt, with Kinji loaning her his belt. She’s still in a tirade, and they duke it out when Kinji escalated her belligerence by actually comparing her to a little kid. Kinji simply walks away from Aria, who slipped and slid on bullets, while still ranting. Here’s something fun though, Kinji’s bag was mysteriously preserved from the bike bomb, and he continues to class with it. He encounters Aria in class, and she returns his belt leading to a rather hilarious scene between romance conditions and Aria’s anti-love stance. Next thing we know Kinji is back home, and one has to wonder if he even managed class with Aria as hot-headed as she was. But she barges in and ends the episode calling him a slave. Yippee!

Aria so gangsta!

One of the things I want to do with some Anime this season, is to see what differences occurred between the Anime version, and it’s manga/novel/game counterpart. In the case of Hidan no Aria episode 01, I will only compare to the manga since I don’t read the novel and others have said the manga is quite a close adaption of the novel. The episode only covered the first 2 chapters of the manga, and a little of chapter 3. What I’m going to do here is list the (noticeable) differences between AnimeManga.
–The Anime went a little in depth into the whole Shirayuki thing at the beginning, compared to the manga, where she had just a couple of lines. This will seem odd in the next few eps.
–In the Anime version, Sayonaki’s lectures covered some of the basics of what you needed to know for this story.
–The Segway chasing Kinji was cheap looking in the manga (loudspeaker tied on top of gun), whilst in the Anime it looks like the Segway was made for the Uzi mount lol.
–To avoid the hail of fire from the multiple Segways near the end of the ep, Kinji sidestepped. In the Manga, he leaned back. I would have to say the Manga version looked a little too impossible.
That’s basically some of, if not all of the big differences, as you can see, it followed the story details quite closely.

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Dog Days episode 02

 That’s a good 40-50 foot jump… IMPOSSIBLE.

If my quip about Dog Days reminding me about the X-games with just episode 01, episode 02 further confirms this.

I’ll have to say, I was largely expecting Sink to pull off some nosegrabbing, frontside 360 shifty moves while piling up the score, and he somewhat did lol.

Mad Dog!

 I wonder whose bright idea was it to leave poor Eclair all to her lonesome, the cute little doggy shouldn’t be left alone to face the swarm of ferocious cats coming her way. So leave it to the Sink to save her, but the bloke just wanted to level up by learning some magic attacks. I guess Hero’s don’t have to earn experience points to use magic.

Sink copping a feel.
It’s here when Leon-sama joins the game, and fires a shot heard ’round the world, that causes Eclair to end up on top of the Sink. This part is where Sink cops a feel, and much to Eclair’s displeasure, the real reason I can guess why she was angry was for being thought of as a guy, and not a girl. Seems some girls still worry about breast size after all 😉
Leon-sama activates Freezing. I mean… 
We have detonation. Don’t worry, that’s just Castle Bravo going off.
The rest of the ep, or rather the entire ep was just this battle, with Leon-sama plowing the field, team-killing and all, and then showing off an incredible killing spree with her tactical nuke, until Eclair and the Sink confront her and jump her.
 Poor girl needs a bra. Might I suggest watching Chu Bra?

The battle concludes with some real fanservice from those 2 girls, ah corset Leon-sama was a deadly attraction but shimapan Eclair totally caught me by surprise and inflicted a heavily damaging nosebleed on me.

Wardrobe malfunction on live television!
To end the ep, the Sink learns he cannot go home. He is now Home Alone 2: Lost in Flonyard.