Highschool DxD Rias Gremory figure, am I seeing this right?

I’m trying to get my bearings full speed (I still have the tendency to let my glasses dip and not look through them), and came across this. Now I’m a bit out of the loop in regards to figures, make that out of the loop since I stopped collecting them, but I saw this on the haremking.tv twitter feed, and it’s about time a figure like this comes out:

Back in 2005 I bought some Tenjo Tenge mini-busts that featured bouncy breasts. Why they never perfected the technology to bring it to a full figure, I’ll never know, but I think squishiness is a good start:

Would you look at that, you get to grope her big ones with your fingers lol. The smaller your hands, the better! Too bad you can’t use your whole hand 😛

That’s one heck of a pantsu she’s wearing. By the way, there seems to be some 3D files included at the main site, and while the file name has “3DS” in it, I’m not sure if the Nintendo 3DS can open it. A quick search on google says the 3DS can open the files. Anyone care to try? The direct links here and here, or on my mediafire (as a zip) in case you download those links as jpgs.

By the way, don’t forget about that BDVD special #2 (link NSFW) 😀

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