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First of many… HaHaHa…

Very funny. I failed the goal over the weekend simply because I forgot one thing: it was the weekend. That’s the reason why I was so happy to catch DxD on a Friday because my weekend schedule is different than the weekdays, and having taken a break from brain intensive duties, I didn’t factor in my actively shuffling weekend schedule.

And you, Sphie, you silly bastage! I bet you knew that this pic already had a nude ‘shop, yet you failed to tell me! You, who always spams me loli’s, and you failed to tell me! I know I talk cryptic but how the heck was I supposed to know? Do you know what it’s like to have a bad connection, to the point where you have to browse with images off just to make it crawl, and then you check to see if a shop is made,…. with your browser not displaying images!?? BLAST YOU 😀

…And then I saw that the resolution was vehemently smaller, like, almost 3 times smaller than my shop. What. The. HECK. What is the point of such goodness being hampered by a smaller resolution? What is my problem with small resolutions? I thought everyone had a better computer than me lol. But seriously, I’ve been a Megami/that gaming magazine poster collector since the last decade, and I had this idea: Kinko’s. Anyone in the USA would know what I mean when I say KINKO’s. You see, Kinko’s is a copy shop, and they had this service where you bring a pic in a flash drive and have them print it at gargantuan sizes. Yeah, like, almost close to billboard sizes. So I had the grandiose idea of doing that with my Megami posters. Except you know….. that was the business district, and a guy like me having them print a Megami poster?

Yeah I’m crazy.

A preview of the first batch of edits

A funny thing, isn’t it? I was waiting the whole last week of February for these posters, and the first ones that went up was that Louise one. So I tried my hand at that, and I didn’t get far when the Tiffania poster went up, so I went through a test run and then the ano Natsu ones went up, a whole bunch more until the ones I was waiting for, Lagranger finally went up. Now I have a bunch of half done works all at the same time, not what I was expecting especially since the Louise one has already been done. To be honest, I didn’t like that one because it was too easy. I like challenges like the cheerleader Lagranger one, heck even the Papakiki one above is giving me a headache due to the lens flare that’s already on the pic, sure Mew was finished in a heartbeat but I’m editing at full resolution, and Sora’s got one great big butt right there 😀

Let’s hope I sleep well, though I’d hate to wake up and see someone else do these. I’m practically doing half of the Megami lineup, and half of the Nyantype lineup. All at the same time, I better finish one first before I do a silly batch upload, these files are the largest I’ve dealt with yet.

A cat is fine too…

…wait, fine? Oh yeah, how about, “A catgirl is EVEN BETTER” XD

Try to see the difference with the original scan of Volume 11

To be honest, I feel so lost. I’ve never done this before, trying to relax, take a break, etc. Forcing myself to think less and relax, that doesn’t feel right. It’s like, always driving a Ferrari at 15mph. It wasn’t made for that XD

So, my idea of relaxation is this: photoshop.

Captain America: What is this?
mangatron: The first of many.

Let’s see if I can make a record. Most edited Megami Nyantype posters in a certain time frame. Up next, Ano Natsu de Matteru x2 as well as the two Zero no Tsukaima posters and one of the PapaKiki posters, keep an eye out on the WordPress blog. Like that Ironhide said, I got better things to do tonight than die 😛

And how about that episode 09, eh?

Ani site updates: Mar 03, 2012

Highschool DxD episode 09 preview

FINALLY. Finally Akeno undresses. It’s been a long time coming, tell me all 4 girls are going to bathe together XD

Life update
Ah, what happened to one of the page links below the banner? I figured I’d add it back when the time is right, instead of it looking like there really is something there. I guess C3’s “coming soon” page is still irking me 😛
Aside from that, I gotta admit, I’m rather bored. For the first time in, I don’t know, probably 20 years, I have to cut back on my work. I have to slow down, take it easy, and yet,….. I can’t. Seriously, I don’t know how, to the point I end up so lost lol. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have a schedule to follow.
Oh, and one more thing: Megami and Nyantype magazine’s, I will not let you out of my grasp again. Glory to photoshop! 😀 (Yeah, that means keep an eye on my WordPress blog for the ultimate time waster :P)