Another DxD girl all fixed up

My services were requested to clean up this scan, now with blemish fixes:

Now I think that’s official, I do better with requests instead of my own goals. That is really strange, if I were to say “hmm maybe I’ll shop this”, I end up poorly motivated for some reason. But if someone were to ask me “hey can you do this” gee whiz, it’s like I’m on a deadline, I gotta a goal to achieve, I see the finish line and I will run to it XD

Though this is the second High School DxD girl that I have fixed. And honestly, I feel the pressure building up inside me….oh look at those gartered legs…. and her big ones, wrapped at the base…. gaah *nosebleed*

Maybe I ought to do a poll, “what Novel should the mangatron read first” šŸ˜›

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