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Let’s talk about High School DxD for a bit

During my painful weekend last week, I learned something. Funny how the best lessons are somewhat painfully learned, but I realized that, if you are given an opportunity to have fun, and relax, and you do anything but those, it’s not a mistake. It’s a travesty. A real big tragedy. If you don’t enjoy yourself, it’s a mockery to those who don’t have that luxury. And with the kind of life I live, it is to respect, and to be respectable.

So from now on, I won’t just let it all go by. I made a blog to talk about anime, manga, and games, but I seemed to have done only one of that. So what I’ll be doing from now on is really speak my mind, instead of just hiding behind that security blanket Ive been trying to sleep under all this time.

So with the recent release of High School DxD’s disc volume #1, something struck me as odd. More specifically, the product page is finally completed for the extras, and something made me laugh a bit:

Yuuma-chan is a part of the fun! Isn’t that something, I guess she has a fan on the production staff. But then I took a gander at the Disc extras (source), and…

Oh look, more Yuuma-chan! It even includes her various evil faces lol. But then it hit me: I understand including Yuuma-chan in the mix, after all, episode 01 was full of her, but it got me thinking: where are the Phoenix girls?

Try to remember what you’ve seen on the main website. It’s practically devoid of the Phoenix clan. And I had questioned earlier about how would they fill in the rest of the character design flash page, and…. again, no Phoenix clan.

Now practically all of the extras, and promotional art have been largely devoid of anything that happened in the second half of the series. Why is that? They could have fit some tasty art of the Phoenix girls in the musou page, not to mention the character page has nothing about them. Sure, that’s a lot of girls, but it is strange when you consider the Rin-ne no Lagrange character page goes beyond 20 character pages.

I guess let’s wait and see what’s in store for the volumes that do not have Yuuma-chan in them, maybe there will be some Grayfia, or even the Seitokai girls. Eh, even their promotional art is hard to come by.

I have this great idea. Suppose I want to recommend this series to someone, holding that volume with that side visible, and say “hey, why don’t you watch some High School DxD”? I wonder how many times I would be told “hey, is that a hentai anime?” 😀

If you wanted to know what was different in the disc release: