Highschool DxD BD-DVD extras

How do you make someone buy the Blu-rays? Add a short animated special? Maybe some Shitajiki? How about a mini poster…. well, DxD seems to get some of that right, with the following extras:

Phone cards apparently. Have you folks ever had one of these before? I have (HAPPY LESSON XD), which was not the actual card itself but a collectors version of it. I have heard there are actually real phone cards of these that you can…. use a phone with, and it’s nice to see this series on board the phone card train. I should also mention that I believe these are not in the packaging itself, as it looks like that promotion where you have to buy the BD/DVD at the store listed, and your above assigned freebie is yours. Makes it tough for importers, eh?

By the way, due to a gaff on the website, the “tied up Aisha” is not accessible in a bigger res. To me anyways, but I uploaded it here for justice.

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