Rebirth of Koneko-chan

Ah, now that is much better. I still find it unbelievable how drastic the difference is from the previous job, just look at it. How did this all happen? Well, it was yesterday when I saw the pic go up on Moeren, so I downloaded that pic (why I didn’t screencap my own, is the same reason last time), worked on it, and voila, what fun.

Except when I upload that to the Sankaku Channel, which I rarely visit these days, and dagnabbit, there was a more sharper version: (click the image to see it in full)

I don’t need to explain which one is the Moeren one, and which one is the one posted on Sankaku, but meine gott I had to do something, I do not like mediocre work coming from me, so I just had to use the Sankaku one and apply my fixes there… which actually needed to be redone almost entirely! BLOODY HELL

Probably another big question, is what has been with the nipples in my recent works? Honestly, I am still not used to it. It’s a really long story, but to make it short, I have been working on manga projects for more than a decade, though lately that has gotten my least amount of attention, but anyways, I encouraged myself to draw nipple-less boobs so as to reach a wider audience instead of being tagged with that mature rating, and it stuck on my brain like, mentally. I don’t know, it looked good with manga, but apply it to color works like this… man, I feel like an idiot. So I had to look back to my previous works, which you can find here on my wordpress blog, and I had to come up with a new rule: “You are not drawing manga this time, what you are doing is a color photoshop job,….SO ACT LIKE IT”. I guess old habits are hard to break, and it doesn’t help that my wireless carrier has been funking my connection the past week.

And lol, they called me a “poor foreigner”. Sorry, guys, I really didn’t mean to upload a mediocre work. I mean…’s not my fault I used a crappy screenshot :p

Thanks to Dahak86 over at the Animesuki forums for the little feedback

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