Daily Archives: March 5, 2012

And there they go…

…over to my wordpress blog. But I disappeared over the weekend. My neck was still hurting, which was over a week already, and since that’s not normal, I hadn’t realize something important that I had done to treat my chain headaches: massages. Now it may seem funny, but it’s true, they really help, and now my neck is a lot better, although I still have to perform Batman turns to avoid snapping my neck, but yeah, with that taken care of, it’s a lot better these days. But my shoulder remains as delicate as it is now. Why in the world won’t I get a surgery, is probably the main question since all those many years ago. I do have reasons, several of them serious, which is enough to sway me from it. I’ll detail them later, but right now I’m considering therapy, after the recent neck massage, as well as some upper body exercises that were recommended to me. Hey, anything than going under the knife.

And a little rant, but seriously Mozilla, I’m very unhappy with you right now:

This happens to me regularly. Like, too regularly, and for a fellow like me with a bad connection, keeping 162 tabs open at the same time is crucial for the cache to load images that I already painstakingly loaded. And when Firefox crashes the way it does with half those tabs without images, no Mozilla, that is not embarrassing, that is an atrocity, especially when this didn’t happen to me when I was using version 3.6 and lower. I feel like going back to that, but then half the bloody internet won’t work because oh your browser is too old time to upgrade blah blah yadda yadda yoda.

I hated Chrome, and I could only chuckle at Opera, but now Firefox is making me punch my screen and rip my hair out.

Sure was a strange weekend though. Had 2 guys over at XDA return to the forum, who were off the forum for a long time, one of them 2 years. Also had some stuff to take care of over there, so I guess I can’t leave that place alone.

First of many… HaHaHa…

Very funny. I failed the goal over the weekend simply because I forgot one thing: it was the weekend. That’s the reason why I was so happy to catch DxD on a Friday because my weekend schedule is different than the weekdays, and having taken a break from brain intensive duties, I didn’t factor in my actively shuffling weekend schedule.

And you, Sphie, you silly bastage! I bet you knew that this pic already had a nude ‘shop, yet you failed to tell me! You, who always spams me loli’s, and you failed to tell me! I know I talk cryptic but how the heck was I supposed to know? Do you know what it’s like to have a bad connection, to the point where you have to browse with images off just to make it crawl, and then you check to see if a shop is made,…. with your browser not displaying images!?? BLAST YOU 😀

…And then I saw that the resolution was vehemently smaller, like, almost 3 times smaller than my shop. What. The. HECK. What is the point of such goodness being hampered by a smaller resolution? What is my problem with small resolutions? I thought everyone had a better computer than me lol. But seriously, I’ve been a Megami/that gaming magazine poster collector since the last decade, and I had this idea: Kinko’s. Anyone in the USA would know what I mean when I say KINKO’s. You see, Kinko’s is a copy shop, and they had this service where you bring a pic in a flash drive and have them print it at gargantuan sizes. Yeah, like, almost close to billboard sizes. So I had the grandiose idea of doing that with my Megami posters. Except you know….. that was the business district, and a guy like me having them print a Megami poster?

Yeah I’m crazy.