Daily Archives: March 4, 2012

A preview of the first batch of edits

A funny thing, isn’t it? I was waiting the whole last week of February for these posters, and the first ones that went up was that Louise one. So I tried my hand at that, and I didn’t get far when the Tiffania poster went up, so I went through a test run and then the ano Natsu ones went up, a whole bunch more until the ones I was waiting for, Lagranger finally went up. Now I have a bunch of half done works all at the same time, not what I was expecting especially since the Louise one has already been done. To be honest, I didn’t like that one because it was too easy. I like challenges like the cheerleader Lagranger one, heck even the Papakiki one above is giving me a headache due to the lens flare that’s already on the pic, sure Mew was finished in a heartbeat but I’m editing at full resolution, and Sora’s got one great big butt right there 😀

Let’s hope I sleep well, though I’d hate to wake up and see someone else do these. I’m practically doing half of the Megami lineup, and half of the Nyantype lineup. All at the same time, I better finish one first before I do a silly batch upload, these files are the largest I’ve dealt with yet.