Akeno jumps… and forgot her clothes on the way up

To say I love this girl, is an understatement. To say I want to make love to this girl, is an understatement. What can I say? No words can describe it…but that I love her so much, I took her clothes off :p

Q:  So mangatron, what’s the hardest part about doing this ‘shop job?

A: It’s between my legs.

Q: Seriously.

A: Joking aside, the hardest part? That I didn’t want to get it wrong. A girl at Animesuki quipped about a previous shop job I did, and how the girl looked like she had many the “encounters” for her vagoo lol. Was I going to make it a simple slit? Pubic hair? Nothing at all *cough*? I said you know what, this girl is engaging in vigorous activities, she jumped, she spreads her legs*snicker* and eureka, we get a good view of her, you know, and that’s why I made it quite visible as it is, let’s face it, she’s not sitting down with her legs closed, when she spreads, we can SEE THE ENDING YEAAAAAHHH *high fives*

Q: Why did you edit Issei’s face?

A: No idea why… I was going eradicate his annoying presence of the glorious view.

Q: Are you going to do the other wonderful scenes from episode 07?

A:  No promises. Maybe…… I got Akeno fever, I might as well keep going while I got that wunderbahr drive still going :p

I forgot to mention that the source image is of course from episode 07, but stiched by Dahak here, since I somewhat find myself bored of doing it myself 😛

One response to “Akeno jumps… and forgot her clothes on the way up

  1. Good job on the editing there! 😀

    Hope you will do the other interesting scenes as well and improve them 😀

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