C3 episode 01: C3 P.O?

Aside from the Allspark, can someone remind where have I seen a box with a red eye on it before?

I guess that’s why it wasn’t named Cursed X3. There’s only 3 C’s on there. But only one of them to Fear. There’s nothing to fear…. but Fear itself (or in this case herself). Cool tagline, ja? 😛

Going into the Fall 2011 Anime season, this is one of the series I had no prior knowledge about. So I hear this is a novel, like a number of other stuff this season. Man, I missed the days when games and eroge were adapted like crazy. Don’t tell me that market fell by the wayside…

She looks like she’s in jail. No wonder why she walked out.

Ahem anyways, back to the house which looks like a contender for Extreme Home Makeover after what this Fear did to it, I say this episode started rather well. It didn’t start with a monologue’ish speech by the male protagonist about how his life has been or how dull it can ever be. I say the  focus of mystery was centered right there on the Allspark Thwomp block he just received.

Vacuum Cleaner Dancing. Girls, to us guys you aren’t a chore machine anymore, you’re an exotic dancer with a vacuum!

The rest of, or most of the episode shows us Fear-chan’s fearless walk into town, and the eventual home makeover. Such a small girl using a lot of force on her actions, I suddenly grabbed my balls with a grimace on my face at the thought of a hentai doujin for this series XD I gotta say I enjoyed this episode, even though I saw most of only 1 girl, as knowing me, I do prefer if there’s another girl or two 😛

Personally I’m of the opinion that the OP should have been full of shimapanchira dancing like this shot. *ahem* *cough*

As the promotional material goes, you see 3 girls on the posters and such, but episode 01 showed us 2 of them, so hopefully MY PONYTAIL shows up soon, or else I’m going to laugh a laugh of a thousand men if she arrives in episode 05. Seriously, why is fate so cruel to me?

Next ep already shows something serious may be going down. Seriously, ironic that I was finishing up Front Mission recently, I tell you that woman got a Dasler Claw XD

Some avatars I thought of doing in the meantime.

2 responses to “C3 episode 01: C3 P.O?

  1. good series, i was sure when i first saw it that it will get some attention from you(PANTIES FTW!) ecchi…
    anyway, umm avatars… May I borrow the second one?

  2. Sure you can have it. First one to claim it here wins, so 😛

    I loved that shot with Konoha's butt 😀

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