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Ani Site update: Oct 3, 2011

Dog Day’s Season 2

See that October 2nd date? lol….

Well, in case you missed it, Dog Days get’s a Season 2. What surprises me most of all was that I saw it coming almost 3 weeks ago and just let it slide (of course you saw 2 days later my connection was at its most crappiest and my health took a dive that weekend). As an observer, I am most ashamed.

My Dog Days image folder. You can see at that time I was raiding the site of it’s chibi images (which is great stuff btw, if only it wasn’t SAMPLED)

Boku Wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

I was looking through the main website for the TV adapation of Boku Wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, and I saw that above pic. Of course it drew my attention ๐Ÿ˜› but it was mostly Sena’s legs sitting posture that amused me. She brought her knees up on her chair, which according to my astute observations, this is common among girls who are either insecure or absorbed into their current activity. Great use of characterization of the artist in regards to Sena’s personalityย ๐Ÿ™‚

Hidan No Aria

I was perusifying some online stores to see what I missed (no enlarged pic yet of Kanade’s dakimakura?), and I saw the HnA merchandise. I bring this up because seriously, I didn’t know Battle Mode Jeanne looked so good ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s not my fault she had very little screentime in that episode, not to mention underground in a poorly lit environment ๐Ÿ˜›

Group Image icon poll for the Neighbor’s Club over at Animesuki

So, in connection with the Neighbor’s Club over at Animesuki, this is where you vote for the group image icon. Now I know it looks somewhat of a low selection, and that’s mostly because I do not want a single character in the group icon, as I prefer it as 2 or more to give a “series” feel instead of a focus on a dedicated character.

Of course, this is me and my otherwise lame connection, so chances are you have something better. Now I would say go ahead and upload an icon of 200×180 pixels, but that would mean either posting that here in comments or over at the Group Discussion for the Group Icon Vote. I of course cannot add them to polls, so think of this as, both poll results and judging by the number of posts/comments for a user-submitted Icon image. Let’s begin!

What shall be our new Group Icon picture?
Pic #1
Pic #2
Pic #3
Pic #4
Pic #5
Pic #6
Pic #7

ย ย 

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Pic #1

Pic #2

Pic #3

Pic #4

Pic #5

Pic #6

Pic #7

Thank you Summer 2011!

Easily the worst portrayed girl who was obviously the best girl of Summer 2011 ๐Ÿ˜›

Well, what a typhoon. Flights cancelled, some parts of the city flooded… this time of the year is such a flight risk. But the Summer 2011 Anime season is coming to a close, gee I actually saw a Ika Musume second season ep out already… anyways, what a fun season. Except for idolamAster (which has one ep to go?), I finally finished my checklisted series (though I failed again in per-episode blogging due to my awful connection). But more so than before, this season saw me utilize Photoshop in more ways than I thought I could. Good thing too as I learned quite a few time-saving tricks, as well as hone those skills I grew laxed on over the years.

Another fine point is my poll votes doubled from last season, thanks guys! I wish I had better posts for you guys to read though, but I guess those short and sweet photoshops and what not were good enough. Funny too, as this season saw over 5,000 unique visitors to my blog, again I apologize if there wasn’t much to read but it’s a good start, ja? Let’s see how it went:

Good things:
-Yeah Photoshop! In case you missed it, I went absolutely crazy over Mayo Chiki, some of it amateurish, some of it so real it’s hard to tell.
-For once not all of my visitors came from Animesuki, as those photoshop endeavors brought in visitors from elsewhere wherever I posted those photoshops to.
-Thanks for voting on the polls guys! It seems to me there’s quite a lot of fans of the big ones eh? This coming from a leg fetish…

The funny part about this poll, Option #2 had like 2 votes. After I posted my Q and A, well, I guess everyone wanted to see Kanade Strip Subaru lol.

Not-so-good things:
-Postponed plans to help translate the Infinite Stratos novel.
-Postponed plans to translate the Hidan no Aria manga.
-Health took a dive early in the season.
-Over the weekend of Sept 24-26, I suffered my first migraine in 2 months. Reason? For almost 3 weeks straight prior, I only got an average 5 hours of sleep (it was usually 4 or less). I may have laughed at sleep, but sooner or later it will catch up to ya…
-Palm Treo 750 fans will find I spent much of September working on the final Version 3.0 ROM. What a way to finally drive a nail into Palm’s coffin.

Coming up soon, my favorite moments of Summer 2011 Anime! Look forward to that.