Daily Archives: August 23, 2011

That Suzutsuki Kanade pillow cover…

 Yeah, that pillow cover I posted about before, here it is in unsampled form:

Ah, this time I didn’t waste a full 5 hour non-stop session for this. Instead, I tried to go for “whenever-I-have-free-time”, and unlike my previous photoshop job, I tried to do a minimal amount of brush strokes, and instead single click most of the edited parts (seriously). Like, seriously? Really? It looks really funny:

I wish Photoshop can record your stats like how many times you click in the program, or tool usage ratio’s (does it? ~__~), but it didn’t turn out too bad, eh? Granted, the resolution is much too small for it to be fun, but hey, at least those SAMPLE’s are out of the way 😀