Mayo Chiki! episode 06: the mangatron’s eyes pierce the clothing

Originally an Animesuki post

Topic of the day seems to be Subaru’s chinadress, but not of the dress itself but her cleavage

. I’ve mentioned it before, and pretty much made up my mind, no matter how real them boobie’s look, these characters aren’t going to see it that way. Something an episode of Columbo taught me, and that’s because of the subliminal poisoning these characters have concerning Subaru’s gender.

To break it down simply, my theory is that everyone in that school first saw Subaru as a boy. There has been no hint whatsoever as to Subaru being a girl before the Jirou Encounter. Remember that Subaru and Kanade have only started highschool, meaning they did not give this school a peek into Subaru’s growing up years prior. So in everyone’s mind, Subaru is a boy, dresses like a butler, and is further fed these facts by Kanade herself, adding credence to the whole facade. If I’m remembering this correctly (lol) the S4 didn’t split into that Committee until after the Jirou Encounter, which shows everyone still consider Subaru male because well, this Jirou came out of nowhere and it’s mighty impossible to considering him credible evidence that Subaru is a girl when all this time (almost 2 years) they were fed more “acceptable” evidence that Subaru is male. Subliminal indeed, or maybe I’m thinking too much and should accept this gaff in the storytelling as comedy and should accept it as such

I’m rather disappointed in Narumi’s introduction. I wait 5 (6) weeks to see those purrty legs again, and she spent a significant portion of her screen time covering up those legs. What. The. Flippin’ heck. And everybody seems fine with her existence. Next ep better redeem the “best parts” about Narumi

Ahem, what am I blabbering about. This is an Usami-chan episode! Or least I thought. I know some of you have some distaste for the story, and like I mentioned above it’s a bit of a trek for me as I was hoping for more insight into Usami-chan’s story and her home, but we barely got some of that, so I rather prefer enjoying the characters more than anything. Take for example Usami-chan (surprise!). Remember back in ep 05 (yeah like I would forget) when Usami didn’t like it when Jirou called her ‘Usamin’? We see it here when they went to the Animal Cafe why she doesn’t like that, and that’s apparently because Kureha has been calling her that for awhile, and when Jirou called her that there must have been some hidden shock inside Usami that the Sakamachi siblings were so nonchalant in being friendly with her, and it’s this openness that Usami later explained why she was jealous of Kureha. Of course by the end of the ep we see Jirou’s openness to Usami gave him a step above Kureha’s friend making skills, and it’s this tiny attention to detail that makes me love (Usami) the characterization in this series more so than any annoyance I have with the story

Bugger, my post is becoming too long Last bit: the food on the table in the Animal Cafe was Potato Wedges! Tasty

And the next episode. THE NEXT EPISODE. I’m having this conspiracy theory. Ro-Kyu-bu has it’s ep 07 airing next week instead of today, Mayo Chiki caught up to ep 06 as well, and then there was that pic recently posted in the RoKyuBu thread of the loli’s at the beach, and now next week Mayo Chiki goes to the beach. Could we be in for a very beach’y weekend next week? I hope so!

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