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Dog Days Episode 11

Since I seem to have failed again to blog every episode of a season, I figured the best solution to a timestrapped personage like me is to post what I post at Animesuki…

 I see London, I see France, I-…. never mind
Hahaha HA, episode 11! But it’s all over a bit too quick! While I was right that Yukikaze and Brioche were right down there waiting for it, I still think the whole evil sword thing is resolved without much of an explanation. Like, who built it (Biscuitti Factories?), where’d it come from (summoned from another world?), and why wasn’t it a giant octopus instead of a sword, at least those magic tentacles would have made more sense tantalizing the girls of Flonyard.


She got the biggest ones in this series… you know what I’m talking about
But whatever, Leon-sama is sorry, Yukikaze is probably a 900 yr old, and peace reigns in the land. Except for the part where we didn’t get to see much of a fight the last couple of eps, with the Color girls getting as short of a fight as their ep 05 battle, we only got 1 scene of General Goodwin, and Rolan and Bernard still remain on the sidelines like always. And Ricochet never used her artillery…
Oh wow, Eclair is into petting! Me first!   
I kinda laughed though when we were shown more scenes of Leon-sama in Millimeter’s special place. They were really, really close….
What in the world did Millimeter do to get that mussed up?
But more importantly we got deredere Eclair! Blushing Eclair! Eclair who-didn’t-gut-punch Sink when he grabbed her :heh: I bet she’s gonna cry when Sink leaves :p
Yup, she’s nekkid. How else do ya explain those deadly curves? XD
Anyways, quite a concert that was. Millimeter has the technology to change clothes at will? So it doesn’t have to be a leaf? She could have used this last ep when her clothes disappeared XD
 Ah look, she didn’t punch him. He should have petted her right there.

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RE: the controversy, Dog Days Episode 11

A part of the new changes coming to my blog, is the return of my tagline “RE: the controversy” that I had back in 2006, this time regarding any form of 4koma I think up, whether drawn by me or screencapped.

The meaning of “RE: the controversy” is about the thought provoking things I come across in Anime and Manga, things that have an amusing spin to them, such as the Dai Maou 4koma I did about Etou Fujiko and her missed opportunity to control Akuto. For this 4koma, the thought I had in my mind when I watched episode 11 was about panel 2, where it looks like Millimeter is holding the baby fox a little too tightly, especially since it’s kinda wounded and all. So when Yukikaze held him, I was imagining myself as that baby fox, with Yuki’s soft big ones ever so softly on the back of my head XD Of course, the joke works best if you know those lyrics to that song.

Doesn’t the baby fox look so cute being held like that? lol

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