Feel my Birthday: the hilarity of this day.

 Ah, my birthday. That’s what this day was all about, and you can see last year 2010, I made a post about that hilarious thing I do on May 8.

The hilarious thing I do today is of course fire up my DS and play the two games “Feel the Magic XY/XX”, and “Rub Rabbits”, sequel to Feel the Magic. Owners of these 2 games probably know why, but I’ll spoil it here for those of you who don’t know what makes these games special. You know how when you turn on your DS, and if it’s a special day, such as New Years, it makes a special boot up sound, which also plays on your birthday. Funnily enough, both of the above mentioned games have a feature like that too, where the girl in those games congratulates you with a “Happy Birthday” when you reach the Main menu of the game. I know what your thinking, I must be a sad bloke for firing up these games on my birthday, but come on! It’s a feature of the game, and I thought to myself “I wonder if I can keep up playing these 2 games on my birthday”. Ever since 2005 I have played FtM (Rub Rabbits came out in 2006) ever since, and it not only became a tradition of mine, but a hilarious test of my devotion to one of my most favorite handhelds ever. Honestly, I wanted to do that as a part of my Human Psychology research, to see if I’ve got a screw loose somewhere if these 2 games become a staple on my birthday. I’m inzane in the membrane, remember? I’m probably the only guy in this world that plays these 2 games on his birthday. This being the same guy that jams to House of Pain’s Top o’ The Morning to Ya on this day as well.

Now you are probably thinking I should get my game on with Love Plus instead. If only it was localized, yeah, because while I may understand what my girlfriend says, I don’t want to pick the wrong option when she asks me for some Ice cream XD

Let’s take a look at my customized girls for FtM and Rub Rabbits:

In Feel the Magic, that’s the only valid twintail there.
Rub Rabbits. She’s wearing the choice outfit I picked for her lol. Now that’s a twintail! The ponytail in this game is difficult to take a pic of though…
That’s when I touched her skirt. It’s not like I’m a pervert! I just haven’t touched her skirt in like, I don’t know, 1 year? lol
Thank you Sega for such a memorable game!

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