Dog Days episode 02

 That’s a good 40-50 foot jump… IMPOSSIBLE.

If my quip about Dog Days reminding me about the X-games with just episode 01, episode 02 further confirms this.

I’ll have to say, I was largely expecting Sink to pull off some nosegrabbing, frontside 360 shifty moves while piling up the score, and he somewhat did lol.

Mad Dog!

 I wonder whose bright idea was it to leave poor Eclair all to her lonesome, the cute little doggy shouldn’t be left alone to face the swarm of ferocious cats coming her way. So leave it to the Sink to save her, but the bloke just wanted to level up by learning some magic attacks. I guess Hero’s don’t have to earn experience points to use magic.

Sink copping a feel.
It’s here when Leon-sama joins the game, and fires a shot heard ’round the world, that causes Eclair to end up on top of the Sink. This part is where Sink cops a feel, and much to Eclair’s displeasure, the real reason I can guess why she was angry was for being thought of as a guy, and not a girl. Seems some girls still worry about breast size after all 😉
Leon-sama activates Freezing. I mean… 
We have detonation. Don’t worry, that’s just Castle Bravo going off.
The rest of the ep, or rather the entire ep was just this battle, with Leon-sama plowing the field, team-killing and all, and then showing off an incredible killing spree with her tactical nuke, until Eclair and the Sink confront her and jump her.
 Poor girl needs a bra. Might I suggest watching Chu Bra?

The battle concludes with some real fanservice from those 2 girls, ah corset Leon-sama was a deadly attraction but shimapan Eclair totally caught me by surprise and inflicted a heavily damaging nosebleed on me.

Wardrobe malfunction on live television!
To end the ep, the Sink learns he cannot go home. He is now Home Alone 2: Lost in Flonyard.

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