Dog Days episode 01

I think the animation art would have been twice more expensive if done like this.

Spring 2011 is one of the seasons of Anime series’ where I don’t have advance knowledge of a series before airtime. Except for the obvious original series here and there, Spring has several series I knew nothing about before their announcement, and Dog Days (hereby nickname D-Days) is one of them.

Lightning flashes ONLY when the Batman talks. Everyone else is a copy.

I’ll be honest front and center, this series immediately reminded me of the X-Games, a series of events covering extreme sports. You know, friendly, daring competition. And while D-Days started as serious as an online FPS Clan meeting, this series seems to not get any more serious than its words.

Unscheduled off-world activation! R.I.P., Stargate

Our lead male is someone I have to nickname as “Kitchen Sink”, for several reasons, notwithstanding his not-so-common name (Cinque), and the fact that a Sink is one word that comes to mind. He’s a jumper, and while some FPS players of old know the truth behind that hack, his ability to jump like an Olympian athlete is what gets him into a portal to the Doggy Land. No one noticed the doggy running around town with a knife in its mouth?

It’s a Gallus Domesticus! It’s an fixed-wing aircraft! No, it’s… a flying dog.

As the Biscotti (now known as “Biscuit land”) empire is on the brink of defeat, our Princess Millhiore (nickname: Millimeter) spawned him to do battle in her arena. While I’m not sure if he can respawn, he thinks it’s a good idea to have some fun since it would be a waste. Hmm, a resourceful fellow, eh, it’s as if I said “Hmm, since I’m here in Libya while the Gaddafi’s lay some Arty all around me, I might as well fight back since it’ll be a waste” lol.

Man, that knife looks wicked. Er, love those ears.

Anyways, the episode ends when our Hero makes his entrance. He… entered at the end. Har har.

Try holding a stick like that in real life, and then try to twist your body as much as you can.

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