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Dog Days episode 01

I think the animation art would have been twice more expensive if done like this.

Spring 2011 is one of the seasons of Anime series’ where I don’t have advance knowledge of a series before airtime. Except for the obvious original series here and there, Spring has several series I knew nothing about before their announcement, and Dog Days (hereby nickname D-Days) is one of them.

Lightning flashes ONLY when the Batman talks. Everyone else is a copy.

I’ll be honest front and center, this series immediately reminded me of the X-Games, a series of events covering extreme sports. You know, friendly, daring competition. And while D-Days started as serious as an online FPS Clan meeting, this series seems to not get any more serious than its words.

Unscheduled off-world activation! R.I.P., Stargate

Our lead male is someone I have to nickname as “Kitchen Sink”, for several reasons, notwithstanding his not-so-common name (Cinque), and the fact that a Sink is one word that comes to mind. He’s a jumper, and while some FPS players of old know the truth behind that hack, his ability to jump like an Olympian athlete is what gets him into a portal to the Doggy Land. No one noticed the doggy running around town with a knife in its mouth?

It’s a Gallus Domesticus! It’s an fixed-wing aircraft! No, it’s… a flying dog.

As the Biscotti (now known as “Biscuit land”) empire is on the brink of defeat, our Princess Millhiore (nickname: Millimeter) spawned him to do battle in her arena. While I’m not sure if he can respawn, he thinks it’s a good idea to have some fun since it would be a waste. Hmm, a resourceful fellow, eh, it’s as if I said “Hmm, since I’m here in Libya while the Gaddafi’s lay some Arty all around me, I might as well fight back since it’ll be a waste” lol.

Man, that knife looks wicked. Er, love those ears.

Anyways, the episode ends when our Hero makes his entrance. He… entered at the end. Har har.

Try holding a stick like that in real life, and then try to twist your body as much as you can.

Sengoku Otome Momoiro Paradox episode 01

Boobies! Pretty legs! Multiple colors! And… my Javascript was turned off.

I’m going to be frank here, my knowledge of Japanese history is just as bad as…. well what the heck, I hail from Germany, and while I can recite the whole WWII whermacht campaign with an average amount of detail, I have to admit my knowledge of Japanese history is being polluted by Anime with Female-of-a-male historic characters. Sengoku Otome Momoiro Paradox is one of those Anime, and I’ll admit I don’t mind going back to school if it’s to learn about these girls 😛 Especially when this series is largely devoid of males (if only it weren’t for the modern day scenes!).

She’s gonna attack her teacher! What an intense Anime!

But as usual, there’s some way to go back in time to see these girls, and our heroine, a rather clumsy girl, does a good job of doing that. While I’m looking forward to the end of this series to see how they explain the time trip, I don’t mind the world our clumsy Hideyoshi stumbles into. I’m probably going to sound like a scratched CD and say I’m not going to question why the world is devoid of males, but our busty leader Oda Nobunaga is a leader I’d follow XD

Without a male in this series, it does look like a candidate for yuri…

She drops in the middle of the largest campfire she’ll ever see (yeah to her I’d say she’d think it’s a campfire lol), with Oda-chan showing up to save the day. Well maybe not save the day, as I doubt she’s got aquatic powers to douse the flames XD

Of course, leave it to Hideyoshi to think they’re cosplaying, and I find it funny they weren’t very curious as to what her cellphone really is. In fact, when Oda-chan tried to do her own will-it-blend destruction on it, she never bothered to take a good look at it. Hideyoshi could have shown them the ropes on all things celly.

Oh look at that! Our fearless leader is embarrassed!

But they’re not jelly one bit, and Hideyoshi wants to go home, get a burger and fries with that, and yet she doesn’t seem to notice the quiet world around her. You know, the world without the hustle bustle of city life, no trains running around, no city lights, nothing. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t know how to get home, so she crashes the Nobunaga party. Thus we see a bit of the main plot of this story, Oda-chan needs some achievements to unlock the Crimson Armor cheat 😛

 To use invincibility in Half Life 2, enter “buddha” in the command console.