Infinite Stratos 02: I love ponytails

Hmm yum, episode 02 of Infinite Stratos. I guess I could say nothing
else much here as far as story depth, aside from the evenly placed
know-hows of some story details, such as the explanation of Personal

One of the things I like though, is watching Houki's hair
flail about, truly a sight for a Ponytail lover such as I. There were
a couple of scenes where they animated her hair very well. Now I could
only wonder what she's like when in the I.S.

I'll say though, the CG in the battle was honestly well done, despite
the lack of attendee's in the stands. Granted, they aren't using EA
Sports/2K Sports impressive background crowd rendering in their sports
games, but I do wonder if such a thing is possible. The CG certainly
is decent enough, although I do prefer hand-drawn over CG, I'll say
this much: this CG is much better than 7 years ago *cough* BakuTen
*cough*. Other points of interest is the 3 girls (honestly I forgot
their names), Of course Houki and her hybrid twinponytail hair, a low
visibility bathing scene, girl-falls-in-love-after-winning-a-loss,
great censors (/s) and an inexperienced teacher. The last part is
probably just me…

2 responses to “Infinite Stratos 02: I love ponytails

  1. awesome mecha action, and what you liked the most was the ponytail?! lol…
    well, next episode will definitely make you happy, 'cause the twintail from China is coming! xD

  2. I really liked the battle, it was a lot better than Freezing (lol), and I would have said “I liked the bathing scene” if it wasn't censored lol.

    Clearly though with Houki as the lead female I can finally enjoy the ponytail after being bombarded with twintails in recent seasons XD

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