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Infinite Stratos 01: infinite girls

Disclaimer: don't always take the mangatron seriously. Sometimes he's
serious, and sometimes he's totally the opposite. Which one you think
he is being is entirely up to… you. Heh.

So, Infinite Stratos gets the first blog post of the year's Winter
Season of Anime. Of course, one of the main talk surrounding I.S. is
the “been there, done that”, which leads me to say, in this day and
age, just how original can one be considering almost everything
imaginable has been done in anime so far? While I'm going to reserve
my discussion on that for another day, what I want to talk about is
the episode at hand: 01.

I actually liked it. There, I said it. Why do I like it? Well, they
never pushed the envelope that the so called “originality” imposers
placed on it. 1 man in a paradise of girls? Sure, it's been done. But
at least here they didn't have the girls throwing themselves at the
guy for the most of the episode. The guy would have been lusting after
every girl, but he didn't. What I was looking for was the excuse they
gave, or part of the excuse, of why he exists in such a paradise, and
they gave a good one.

Or maybe my bias towards my ponytail fetish is getting in the way. Not
a chance, although I am very much enjoying the lead female being a
ponytail. No, what I actually liked was that aside from the Hyakka
Ryoran-ish pre-op sequence, during the rest of the episode, we didn't
see what we did not need to see: the involvement of other characters
needlessly taking up airtime, when if you're not going to do
something, then you don't need to be there.

Personally, I am anticipating this more than Freezing. Cue laugh track.

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