My H Crab watches Hyakka Ryoran 06

 Well well, having my mind blown by the awesomeness that is Hyakka Ryoran episode 06, I think it’s time I post this. Here we have my pet H Crab taking in the sight that is episode 06, in yet another of my bizarre research attempts. Some things to note:

-Unfortunately I can’t post more about my many other Crabs, I hope everyone understands.
-I also don’t want to post how much of them I have because, I mean, these guys are no secret where I live (how difficult is it to see a foreigner with pet hermit crabs? lol), and it would be very easy for someone in this country to pinpoint 2 and 2 together on who the mangatron really is. These “precautions” are a part of why I don’t do social networking, so I’d like to ask please don’t post these elsewhere 😡
-Damn why did everybody have to know about my crabs?  “Hey man, what you got there?” Oh, it’s just some crabs. “Cool, can I see?” lol I really love my new pets, having personally found more than 50 (thumb sized ones) during my “vacation” at the beach. They’re so funny all the time, some of them would stare at one another twiddling their nose antlers, communicating who knows what.

Anyways, the meat of this research is, what did the crab like about episode 06. It’s a rather funny result, as you can see below.

The crab was set on the keyboard of my laptop, and during the Naoe fantasy, it starts to walk around. I tried to set it back to viewing, but it remained uninterested in Naoe-chan’s fantasy lol.

You’ll probably notice the crab is now on my right hand. That’s because he had previously pinched me (yeah it hurt), so I decided to use my right hand to hold and (gasp) left hand to snap away. Little rant: why the hell are most, if not all of these camera’s right-handed only? You know how difficult it was to take pictures with my left hand? XD So I hope you can forgive the lame focus the camera took of the screen, and not of the crab lol

Anyways, you can see above that the crab started taking note that an anime was playing, and during the fight at the end he remained interested in it. (take note of the scenes onscreen) It sat there for awhile until my hand got tired of holding him up XD

So there we have it. The silly crab didn’t like Naoe-chan’s fantasy but it likes it some action 😉 Now, back to some Company of Heroes! (lawl V1 strike)

I know, it’s lame. Here I am trying to overclock my brain on an RTS when I haven’t even honorably buried my retired-in-good-condition laptop. I should really get back to drawing, though my wrist still hurts (I am able to play (some) games because I finally stopped using a trackball and a conventional mouse doesn’t involve me bending my wrist. Cast works best with a mouse 2 times smaller than my hand lol)

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2 responses to “My H Crab watches Hyakka Ryoran 06

  1. lol “who the mangatron really is”… now, that would be something interesting to know. :p
    but I agree, it's better if certain things remain secrets/unknown.
    about social-networking, oh… so that's why you're not into it… afraid of getting caught, huh? XD
    ok, joking aside…
    nice “research” there! 😀
    though, it's a blasphemy the Crab was bored during the undoubtedly best scene of ep6.
    yea, the whole tentacle-fight was great too (and I say that as a tentacle-lover), but completely ignoring Naoe fantasy… unacceptable! 😀

  2. I should elaborate on the whole secrecy thing. It's actually a habit, for about 14 years already, it's no secret that I've spent a lot of tme in US Military installations in Germany and the USA, and all those times I've seen documents listed as classified, or the lack to declassify information that I wanted. It kind of stuck on me, and that's when the internet became widespread, and we have what the US Military calls “Operational Security”. Some of Operational Security involves the controlled environment of internet access within a US installation, not only limiting what sites you access, but it is an offense to post things that, well, what they'd call things that shouldn't be posted [online] (a couple of years ago social networking sites were banned). So that grew (and stuck) on me, to this day.

    That's also why I am not really fond of Youtube (banned on the US Military network the last time I used it), and even my favorite korean site for Gundam model Kits,, was banned as well (due to a weird, general Korean Penninsula ban on what I believe was supposed to be targeted at North Korea only). Call it paranoia, but I'd like to think of it as a bad habit. That bad habit can be seen everywhere on my blog, if readers are very sharp, you'll notice almost all pictures posted of things I own, were against a backdrop of my laptop(s) only. I never posted a picture of the room the laptop is in, or anything else around the laptop lol. I also remember when a friend asked me 3 years ago “What, you don't have a Myspace?” to which I had no answer for lol. Even on my recent vacation, I was using my modded DS (the 4 speaker one), which I didn't realize it's an easy to spot thing, which I then stopped bringing that out in public.

    I guess I just wasn't ready if someone saw that and said “holy, that's the mangatron!” lol

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