7 Days of Anime July 25-31

7 Days of Anime (7DA) is a column by the mangatron where he grades the episode of the week for the series’ that he follows. Grades are done with 3 things in mind: 1) How well the episode fits into the current pacing [of the main story], 2) How well it maintained a viewers interest, and 3) overall enjoyment level (Animation quality, sounds of music and voice, and use of story elements).

A = Time well spent
B = If it’s your cup of tea, drink it
C= Only the fans will enjoy it regardless
+ = And then some
– = Something is missing…

Asobi ni Ikuyo episode 03

With the third episode introducing more characters than the first episode did, this one is standard harem fare. If you never wondered just what is it that makes Kio special, this one will start making you think about that. (Read: nothing to him)

Grade: C
Pros: If you’re a fan of…. well, fanservice, there’s quite enough to overshadow the previous 2 eps.
Cons: You know… it’s all kinda messed up. You have (both!) Rifleman class users having their break (a bath) at the same time, and when trouble arrives their duty comes first before their dignity. Sure, I won’t complain about how cold it must have been that night, or how keeping loaded guns closer to you than underwear worked(har har), or why shooting live rounds at a guy made a difference, but what irritated me most was that Kio remained worthless as ever, instead of running or turning away upon seeing some nekkid girly, he remains facing the same way, and when Manami runs out of bullets, he proceeds to take a helmet in the face. I would say he had it coming, but I’ll just say “serves you right”.

Strike Witches episode 04

Beginning with some nice bouncy Shirley, this episode focuses on some Jetty Strikey’s. Makes one wonder why aren’t they using Jets in the first place, well this ep clears up some of that thought. But it still doesn’t clear up some of that blinding Trudy crotch…

Grade: B
Pros: Hmm… it’s a rather yummy ep. I must say this ep was making me a melted Ice Cream upon laying my eyes on some more Shirley goodness.
Cons: Shirley, there’s some reason as to why you weren’t that fast this ep. For the most part anyways, you were able to fly faster than sound back in S1 because you were almost naked. Goes to show that it’s not them assets that slow ya down, but the clothes ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wait, in what way is this a Con…

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode 05

Continuing the narrated tales of Ookami-chan and her friendlies, this one actually focuses on a number of things, namely my Momo-chan, some Ookami-chan backstory, and, probably the only time we’ll ever see this crew suit up like this.

Grade: B-
Pros: My Momo-chan. Yeah, that’s right, she’s mine. Is that a valid school uniform? In fact, there are no school uniforms. There’s a little red hooded girl, a witch, a maid, a sexy secretary, etc.
Cons: It started out all fun and dandy, and ends on a serious note. What the-… I didn’t order some Serious Soup. I like me some Tasty Tantalizers!

Amagami SS episode 05

Let’s start the Kaoru Tanamachi arc. Except… all I can say is “That hair…” Really, I don’t know what else to say. I’ve been saying those two words about her for awhile now, I… it’s just… that hair…

Grade: B
Pros: That hair. Oh bugger, I gotta stop saying that. Er let’s see, how about… nice legs? >_>
Cons: I don’t think we’ve seen any pantsu. Well at least in that way. Well, you aren’t supposed to watch this series for that anyways. You bad doujin reader you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Shukufuku no Campanella Episode 05

I gotta say, I like this series. I get such a campy feeling from it. It’s a rather calm and relaxing series with some cute girls. Ah hell what am I saying, that’s always my prerogative

Grade: C+
Pros: I like the Tostitos girls. Or the Dipping Sauce girls. Or…. whatever, they’re quite amusing.
Cons: Hmm, well pretty standard stuff. Hmm, or maybe I’m just looking for a pairing in this series, there’s not many moments between male and female stuff lol…

Highschool of the Tot Episode 04

Hmm…. lately, it may look like I’m highly irritated by this series, but it’s a sort of Love-Hate relationship I have going here. On the one hand, it’s mostly jiggly boobies, but on the other hand there’s a bunch of live dead walking people walking around as if they’re carrying some bags (I never got why zombies always walk with their arms straight down. Why not wave their hands in the air like they just don’t care or something…wait, they don’t care)

Grade: C
Pros: Eh well, you know what goes here. Some more jiggly boobies. Seriously, in real life, this won’t happen like this [where a girl turns and her breasts go up and down [several times]? WTF?], so this is why we watch anime.
Cons: You know, I liked the bit of realism in the manga, so it’s natural to expect it here. Well, they probably won’t get far. While i’m not going to mention the jigglies because let’s face it, it’s every man’s fantasy (ha) but what irritates me is the stupidity. No one dare tell me they are just highschool kids, if they got enough brains to kill (technically the zoms are livving creatures, right? XD) but, come on, when an tumbling high speed object moves towards you, it is not human instinct to move away in the same direction, it is a natural [logical] instinct to “get out of the way”. And don’t tell me that they got lucky. But who cares…

Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode 05

It would seem like they are making up for the lack of jokes of episode 03, as this episode continues the sex jokes. It did make me wonder though, what would it be like if meet a girl such as Aria or Shino. (I have met many a girl but so far none like these >__>)

Grade: B-
Pros: Got a big laugh out of a number of scenes, like the ero teacher’s breathing and other jokes. School swimsuit ep for those that dig it.
Cons: Sometimes a joke would feel out of place. Something like, moving from one joke to the next, breaking continuity. Maybe it wasn’t so bad, but then expecting the whole episode to be continuously funny is bad.

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Episode 04

Let’s move onto Homura this time, also known as Kagari-san. This… uh, “Hybrid” Sekirei is the focus of this ep, so Homura fans will have some fun. Although, I honestly don’t know of any Homura fans… wouldn’t there be fans of both sexes, male and female? Fanboys and Fangirls? lol

Grade: C+
Pros: You’re going to have to wait for the DVD, apparently. If you’re a fan of bath scenes that is.
Cons: Well… this would probably center around me wondering what would become of Homura come series end (that is, the official end AKA manga). Is… “it” going to end up a girl or a boy? So far Minato has a nice harem going, and it would all be broken if Homura goes manly six packs and all…

Winner of the week: Tanamachi Kaoru

That hair.

HAHAHA I did it again. But then the winner wouldn’t be her, it’d be the hair. But since she dons the ‘do, then she wins! Har har ha….on a serious note, she does win because that hair is so good on her, and it’s just something I like to stare at, and her arc starting ep was a real treat for me. Definitely enjoyed it.

Ok I’ll be completely honest here. It was so good, Photobucket declared the screenshot of Junichi looking up her skirt as “not allowed” LOL

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