I obviously have no words to describe the hilarious amusement of that
hair. For some unexplainable reason it's so nice to stare upon…

2 responses to “THAT HAIR

  1. I dont like how you give grades to animes. its your fault if you dont try to understand the content of the anime and realize it actually has an arc, and end up giving A for seitokai which repeats the same freaking jokes every episode. Honestly those jokes get old pretty quickly. I disagree with your giving grades and seperating them accordingly. I'm not complaining about you criticizing though, u can critisize all you want.

  2. You'll need to keep in mind that I am grading each episode as their respective stories carry their genre; I'm not grading purely on the enjoyment level and how fast my heartbeat rises when I see a naked girl. An example is, if Seitokai all of a sudden pulled an Asobi with a whole bunch of sci-fi mumbo jumbo mecha action, that's disrespecting their Sexualized Slice of Life Highschool-setting genre and that will get less than a C.

    You'll also have to keep in mind that I never got around to posting the rest of Summer's episodes, despite having them typed out. One day when you get as much experience as me when appreciating Anime, you will see that there's more to an Anime than how pretty it looks or how much money was poured into it.

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