Minna Dietlinde Wilcke defeats Teruya Eiko

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So…. yeah… those weekly blog updates I mentioned earlier. Who
would have thought my health would cripple me again, this time due to
last week's shoulder problems, I've had to put makeshift braces around
my neck, but since that's impractical I now have to apply external
medicinal's on my spine in the neck area, hopefully till I can assess
a really good time to deal with this (not a good time now).

But what of it. I'm living my life to the fullest now (ha), and what
better way than to continue my seasonal zanyness with some Minna
Dietlinde Wilke love. Having been a fan of hers before Ichiban Ushiro
no Dai Maou started its broadcast run, it saddens me to usurp Teruya
Eiko from my devices and install Minna-chan instead. But what the
heck, I love these girls, so Eiko-chan, if Special #2 satisfies me
then you may just return to the screens XD

By the way, what continues this weird week of mine, is that I've been
shopping around the net for a decent laptop replacement. Of course
you'll know from me that this isn't an easy decision to make due to my
personal attachment to my current laptop. I will eventually get a new
laptop soon, as well as 1 or 2 new phones, one possibly an iPhone4,
and much to my amusement I rejected an iPad from my boss, which might
find it's way to me anyways. Once those arrive, I will have amassed
the most expensive line of mobile devices…. dedicated to my anime
girls hehehehehe XD

A tablet pc would solve most of my problems, eh… and yes I purposely
mauled that Treo, yes I can still use it, and yes I a still working on
its manual focus Camera mod.

Sent from my Treo like the other failed post thanks to my POS wireless carrier

One response to “Minna Dietlinde Wilcke defeats Teruya Eiko

  1. hahaha.. you did it! you really did it! still cannot believe it… well, I guess it was just a matter of time 😀 but, Eiko will not be happy! :p
    btw, I see you haven't watched DaiMaou special #2 yet… well, nothing special really, but (as I already said in DaiMaou thread at AnimeSuki), it was nice to see more of Eiko (and her nipples, finally :P), korone was there too, doing her usual teasing/trolling I guess… too bad I can't understand japanese and subs are not out yet.
    anyway, good job plastering Minna as wallpaper on all your devices, I guess, she needs all the love she can get, in order for a Minna episode to happen! 😉
    also, do I have to take this “new” Minna devotion as a sign of an incoming 'strike pantsu' 4koma? /jk 🙂

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