Start your engines: Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi

What a nice start to the summer season, with the Sekirei S2 pre-showing, then this here Ookami-san followed by Amagami SS. Why does everything have to happen on a weekend. I know that’s when most people are available to do their stuff, but I’d like to at least spread all this over 7 days instead of everything within two days of each other.

So Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi is another one of those club-like atmosphere adventures that accepts requests and the like. Good thing they didn’t put a box like a certain flask-plan’y girl, but if they accept requests, I wonder how they go about friend requests like Facebook 😛

So episode 01 starts with the regular “beating up the bad guys” protocol, which instantly flashed memories of the To Aru series in both look and feel. Which is no surprise, JC Staff sure does do well of late, hopefully for the many more years to come. Another thing I like about this series is that the lead male (he is, right?) is somewhat of a coward, but one that actually acts. Sure is a funny sight seeing a somewhat strong coward. Maybe calling him a coward is too much… maybe, just, one with shortcomings? Hmm…

I know this is something, because this could be the first time in a long time I actually really like the lead female, the one that bears this series’ title. Yeah, you know, the one everyone says is Aisaka Taiga XD. I just love how people easily relate one character to another, which I don’t think is helped any better by the similar art styles and such. I’m having the feeling that Toradora’s end looks like it preceded this Ookami-chan, especially when we consider the black uniform. Ha..ha…ha….

All in all, I’m continuing this series. If anything, it would probably be them cat gloves. Yeah… or, that whatchamacallit, that sliced skirt. Ha, the day cheongsam becomes a uniform is going to be quite a day XD Which makes me start to think… do I have the hots for Ookami-chan? ;;>___>

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