Start your engines: Amagami SS

So, Amagami SS finally airs, and it’s gotta be where I’ll be getting my romance fix for the season. By the way, the “SS” doesn’t stand for Second Season, as far as I can remember this is the first Amagami animated adaption, neither the PS2 game (the source) or the manga have the “SS” moniker so…

Anyways, episode 01 was pleasant, if only to do what Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou couldn’t do its entire run: end it like it began. This looks to be the standard School RomCom with probably less of the comedy side, and if we go by episode 01’s content, this series looks to appeal to imoutocons, fans of the shy girl, the school idol, the close-but-not-so-close friend who is a girl, and the class rep. Now if we go by the series’ description, it looks like these girls will have an episode to themselves, once again something Dai Maou apparently didn’t do (odd for an alledged harem).

If you ask me, you’ll probably know my answer being “I’m sticking with this series”. I understand not everyone can follow an entire season, but me? I’m just trying to make up for 3 years of missed anime. Manga was easier to follow during those 3 years, and the manga is what introduced me to Amagami. And in case anyone misunderstood that, I meant the manga by Taro Shinonome, not this one:

No big secret I’m a fan of Kaoru, but I swear that doujin had no effect in my decision. It… it was that frazzled hair, I tells ya! XD (I nerfed the title so no asking where to get what :P)

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