I actually went… web surfing!

So, I’ve spent some time going around checking my sources to see what changed since ep 11 arrived and left. I found some interesting stuff, ja.

–Eh, first up. Did we all see the cover for the OST yet? For those who didn’t:

 Look at that happy family. Papa Sai, Mama Keena, with their children Lily, Junko and Korone, as well as Sai’s in-laws Fujiko and Hiroshi. Ah, perfect day… :heh:

–Hmm, remember when I showed everyone that time when the main page locked the images for Yuri/Yuuko and Bouchizo? Well, they unlocked them now. Remember folks, you saw it here first :heh:

–So that uh, cover for the OST, I cam across that by mistake. Honest:heh: what I really didn’t expect to find, was… the cast list. Well this was at my source, for some odd reason I never looked too deeply at ANN’s cast page, but… I guess that long time question of mine is answered. Fujiko nii-sama’s name is…. Fujiko Brother. No seriously, I had to double take to make sure lol :heh:

–I saw some numbers, which I assumed to be tv ratings and/or viewer ratings or some ranking of Dai Maou. It’s been 3 years since I last did this, ok, so I’m not going to quote anything because I’m not sure, but the numbers looked great, and something else, looking at a chart, there was a sudden rise around when ep 08 aired. Huh, wonder what that was about…

–I wasn’t going after novel spoilers mind you, so this is a “don’t ask, don’t tell” moment. Anyways:heh:, I came across some rather detailed info concerning the production so far up to ep 11. First let’s start with screenplay (which I know controls how the episode went). It seems that 1 person(I don’t have names, sorry, tough day:p) worked on the screenplays for eps 01 to 05(see where I’m heading?). This person’s notable works include the 1st season of Zero no Tsukaima, Letter Bee, as well as Sekirei 1 and 2. Next, ep 06-07 screenplays were done by 1 other person, whose notable works include Letter Bee as well, Zettai Karen Children and To Aru Majutsu Index. Notice a pattern yet? Ok, let’s continue, ep 08 was done again by the one who worked on eps 01-05, and eps 09-11 were done by the one who worked on 06-07.

Now what I’m getting at, is that I believe it’s a common work ethic(I spent 7-8 years in the heart of studio land in L.A., CA) that the screenplay comes first before anything else(pre-production). Everyone remembers the flow of eps 1-5, 6-7, and 8, and 9-11, right? Let me run it down real quick: eps 1-5 had a nice build-up arc to the story, ep 06-07 had some questionable content and a abrupt cliffhanger, ep 08 returned to the roots of ep 02 for a bit, then things sped up from 9-11 to where we are today. So, now we know how this series went fast when it did and when it made sense when it needed to :heh: make of this what you will. My verdict? I’m interested to see how Sekirei 2 will turn out, see if there are any memorable’s from this series.

–Anyways, this series went through a number of Directors and Animation Directors of which I can’t really set my foot on it. How does one fit almost 4 Ani Directors for one ep? Or does this explain that strange feeling I had when watching ep 11? :heh:

–I did mention I visited the main site, right? Yeah… I think there’s a new radio show…

–Uhm… what else is there… uh, mark your calendars for June 18? :heh:

That’ll will be a half empty weekend without some Stargate…

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