Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou research series 01 part 3: episode 11

Other little details:

–(My) Eiko just might run head first into things, in her attempt to
look like a hero and take the Blade of Sohaya, it might very well be
used against her.
–In continuation of my previous post, Brave was never destined to
fight against the Maou and defeat him, so Heroshi, being the only
other sane person who knows about Keena's assassination attempt, might
go and help Sai (after Sai changes direction; ie once Keena True
Ending Ver comes into play)
–One likely scenario has Korone administering her Medicine Guns on
Yuri, to banish the monster stuff in her. But with Korone non-existant
in ep 10, this seems unlikely, since I'm leaning more towards Sai
helping out Yuri.
–I'm still thinking about Torii Mitsuko, and just what is she doing
during all this. While I would continue my joke and say Torii might be
Bouchirou's sister or relative, I'm leaning more towards her doing
something for once, with an earlier speculation of mine being she'll
re-activate Korone. But I digress. For all we know she'll probably
continue her “I was never there” appearance rate.
–Lily, well, what can I say. It's amusing her Student Council members
were nowhere to be seen in ep 10, perhaps she tied them up and locked
them away, or we may never see them again. It appears Lily does not
agree with Sai (most likely his “I don't like the system, so I'll
change it” dreams) so we can factor her actions being tied to either
of the two scenario's I painted above. Having her solo her operations
in an attempt to slap some sense into Sai, or for the other scenario
she'll team up with everyone. Hmm…
–I had that earlier theory that Bouchirou planned Keena's
assassination attempt and so this making him one of the gods. But
that's stretching it a bit, but it's clear he and Sai don't see eye to
eye, and for him to be the final boss, well, currently it looks like
he's basically acting in a “best interests” mode, and that it's all
protocol with what he's doing, simply for the sake of the continued
[peaceful] life of society. So far there hasn't been anything to
indicate he has [evil] ambitions, with my two-faced description above
being, his personal face may very well be determined by what Keena
does here on out.
–Continuing my research into episode patterns, episode 11, if
following standard pattern operating procedure, looks to have the
episode start with a scene of the past. Of course they might start
with a continuation of the present, but it'll ruin a perfectly good
opportunity to show some insight into Keena's mysteries. As far as I
can tell, though, is that the only flashback worth visiting is the
truth behind the dove, or Keena's view of the past. Good chance here
to answer some questions.

Well, I think this is it for now. After all, I need some sleep…

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