May 08 part 2

So, May 08, a day I always celebrate. Both with my country and
personal reasons. Although I don't recall posting about this before,
so I'm kind of at a loss of words.

Some thing I seem to have the words for:

–On this day every year it's been a tradition of mine to fire up Feel
the Magic XY/XX and The Rub Rabbits.
–Yet again my Feel the Magic cart is becoming more and more
unreadable (cleaned a bit with isopropyl alcohol). Easily my oldest
cart (launch title!)
–I don't really play these 2 games much other than for this time of
year (yes it's odd). What's even more odd I'm getting more and more

DS Fat: 1 for 2, lost one mini game in FtM and won one in Rabbits.
DS Lite (White): 0 for 2, lost one mini game each from FtM and
Rabbits.(bad 1st production touchscreen)
DS Lite (JP): 1 for 6, lost 1 FtM mini game and 1 for 5 Rabbits “Eyes”
mini game.

I went 2 for 10. Wow. Those games seem to never get old (other than
FtM being unreadable as more and more years go by).

Part1 and part2 sent from my Treo750

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