The real harem polaroid of Sai Akuto

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the true harem of Sai Akuto.

Fun facts:

–Probably my most perfect photoshop yet.
–Total lack of Eiko pictures has me say “probably”. Darn it I need
one with her in uniform. That nude shot was the best I can find with
95% of her body showing.
–Took a total of 1 Hour 22 minutes.
–I consider this my best photoshop due to the systematic erasure of
Hiroshi as well as the re-coloring of Eiko in such a low amount of
–All that on a single core, 1.6 Ghz 768MB RAM laptop.
–Special thanks to LG, or rather me for fixing my LG trackball mouse,
and HP/Synaptics for their awesome multi-touch drivers enabling all
Synaptics Trackpads, new and old, for multi-touch.

This has been another maniacal display of Eiko affection of the mangatron.

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