I’m the biggest Teruya Eiko fan*

So, over at the Animesuki Forums I've been going head over mind for
the anime series Ichiban Ushiro No Dai Maou, so much so I've been
going nuts.

And now Teruya Eiko has invaded all of my devices. From my Laptop, to
my dumbphone (LG KG800), to my Palm TX, to my Palm Treo750, to my HP
iPAQ hx2415. With this, I should probably be the biggest Eiko fan
outside of Japan. I say, outside of Japan, because, knowing the Otaku
there, there's gotta be at least one out there who has more Teruya
Eiko stuff than I can look at with my own eyes (I've never set eyes on
any of the novels) It should be safe to claim the title since Teruya
Eiko has had little exposure outside of the novel's publishing
grounds, and well,… how many of you would plaster her on this many
devices? lol

I've been going for this “world's first-” kind of thing lately,
haven't I… it all started with that DS mod of mine.

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