Successful Omamori Himari prediction!

So, with another anime season coming to a close, I decided to whip out
some special powers and try to predict Omamori Himari's ending. And
what… “surprise” that was.

Key points of interest:


-“Let's see, Himari can enter [berserk] mode because she wants to
protect the one she loves/cares/protects. So who wants to bet Yuuto
will Light Ferry his way to save the one he loves/cares/wants to
protect. Ah, what an ending…”
-“So Kyuuchibi doesn't get her meal, Shuuten thinks she fails, he is
the Megaman style “oh, you thought that was the [last] boss, when it's
actually me!” and tries to end it all.”
-“…I think if they can cure Kyuuchibi's gluttony then she joins the
Yuuto clan too.”
-“…don't think Kuesu will be a deciding factor this time around.”

Score one for the mangatron!

Series ending prediction scoreboard:
0 – Anime
1 – mangatron

What series should I predict next…

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