Response to Omamori Himari 05’s loli censors

I remember reading some news somewhere regarding censoring loli's of
late, and Omamori Himari episode 05 is the first I've seen of an
obvious censor on loli's.

Well, as a viewer of Ladies versus Butlers, I figured I'd try my hand
at bastardization. Two reason's:

1. I wanted to see how bad it would've been.
2. I hated doing this. And yet, how did it feel for the tv
station/production studio, censoring something like this? Were they
thinking about the backlash? Did they think it was funny? Law?
Whatever the case, it's not fun censoring something and I'll say this:
I was half “haha looks like I can't see anything” and half “WTF I
can't see anything! And yet, what's to stop me from imagining what's
behind that holy light?”

At least Kuesu won't face this kind of censoring. Right?….

2 responses to “Response to Omamori Himari 05’s loli censors

  1. How dare you make such blasphemous attempt at censoring a loli who is simply enjoying a simple moment in everyday life? I'm worried about you, mangatron.

    Hi there. Long time no see. Looks like you've come out of your hole.

    – monir

  2. Hey it's you, old friend. Yeah, I crawled out of the hole called “sickness”. Really, it felt like I went to war and returned wounded. Thankfully I'm feeling better and hope to censor more cute girls enjoying a simple life. 😛

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