Daily Archives: January 30, 2009

Photoshop is fun when done on the run…

…Well I think I’m an adrenaline junkie since I’m fast, or probably too fast, for my own good. The below photoshop tweaked images are an example. Using pictures provided by HellGundam7 over at the LA2 GameFaqs Ayano CG thread, I did these resampling in a couple of minutes, and as you can see it’s not bad if I say so myself.

Of course, these and my previous Ayano photo chop shop job are NOT the best of my abilities as those previous ‘shop jobs were done in a quick time and not using the professional grade style. (An amusing story going way back to 2004, back when I was a beta tester for Novalogic and they had a booth at E3 2004, with us Novalogic beta testers showing the E3 guests (who were aptly named something like E3_guest009189) how Joint Ops works and how fun it could be. That’s when I stumbled upon Sega’s E3 FTP server where I was able to get my hands on some sick resolution Photoshop files which, amazingly enough gave me a clearer look into how to make professional grade photoshop CG’s.) I’ll have you know now my chop shop jobs are meant to be fast, simple, and Proof of Concept’s style of photoshop’ing and not meant to show my real skill.

As such, my next Photoshop job will utilize the abovementioned Sega style of CG showing a whole new level of my photoshop abilities. I had originally planned on using CG skills I learned from the To Heart CG artists, but that was for the 90’s, this is about now 😉

Be sure to look out for my next Photoshop job. Or when the heck am I going to continue playing Luminous Arc2? I have several more guides to write/edit!

Oh how I’d love to photoshop on my Pocket PC. But at high resolution and anything over 2MB is gonna choke any handheld of today….which I can photoshop in my Pocket PC, my LA2 4Koma was done that way, but it’s the amount of layers, resolution, etc. that make it all more sluggish.