I’m not a lolicon, there’s already a lolitron.org lol…

…You know, despite all that I’m really screwed lol. So I’ve recently finished researching Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~, and although I haven’t compiled everything together, I guess I really have had time well spent lol. So, next up while I prepare for the mass blog attack in store for the month of April, I will showcase a few School Days related pictures for the upcoming School Days anime. So, for the ones who stalk me only to say “Hey lolitron!”, here is the picture that can sink my boat lol:

Image filesizes are large and in charge. Download if you have the bandwidth.

Friends (or those on my animesuki forum buddy list) can ask for the non-watermarked image, but then again you’d ask for the photoshop file, wouldn’t you? XD Ah the world we live in lol….

And something that, contrary to some of the game’s darker endings, is quite a happy picture:
You know, you are a pervert if you spied their pantsu on first image load…although you are a oppai-con if you were able to identify Kotonoha’s breast in a split second…..lol…ahem, anyways, yes, striped pantsu is a win-win situation- AHEM I mean stockings are adorable- Er I mean gosh darnit, what am I saying lol…I seem to torpedo my boat with each sentence I type. So, uh….yeah, my marketing campaign for School Days has just begun, and this is only the beginning! Beware the mangatron ^__^

Yeah, I collaged the Hikaru image compilation above. Painstaking, quick photoshop job lol. So you want to know where the rest of these images come from, ja? Chances are, you’ve already seen them, but if you want more, hmm….there is this very nice School Days manga….uh huh and it’s so cute….aha yeah and it’s…..if you want more, I guess you can leave a comment on this post, no signup needed so post away and let me know, if mother nature does not induce a nosebleed into me I just may torrent it…lol…

And, another update on the mangatron’s blog here. Nice, huh?

2 responses to “I’m not a lolicon, there’s already a lolitron.org lol…

  1. You do know stripped panties are usually used by lolis right? right? right?Well not sure if there’s any loli pic in this post, but the sole fact that you say you like stripped panties make it obvious enough that you are, indeed, a lolitron/con :p*flees*

  2. Why you lousy two faced…..if you are who I think you are, I’m gonna git you lol. Of all the pics you tried to infect me with, not of of them had stripes! (at least what I can remember XD

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