New post of March! Already April? Geez Louise Franbouise….

And so, my drive to create a mass blog attack has been renewed. With my place in fansubs deeply rooted, I’ve been thinking of something I’ve been neglecting for quite some time now: my anime humor. Sure, I’ve been showcasing it very much at the Animesuki forums, but I think it’s time my blog takes over the humor and I’m just going to go all out. And well well, what do we have here? My first anime humor attack starts with Tokimeki no less! And what do we have here?

My girls of anime, that’s Sayuri Amamiya!

That is her! With some panchira(pantyshot) for the fans lol….

I knew it. I knew it all along. It just had to happen, and to the goddess herself! Who’s Miss Perfect now, Bitshoujo? XD

Ah, my mind is a terrible thing to team up with….and, don’t forget to visit my none-anime related blog here. New update on what I bring with myself when I travel. Isn’t that one handheld gaming system too many? lol…

The above Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ screenshots are property of their respected owners. That includes the mangatron if he’s sane enough lol. Image originated from yours truly, not ripped from 4chan or some other bloody site.

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