A new year, and 23 days later….

…a new post. Wow. So much for my resolution for keeping my blog a real part of my life. So, to start the year, I’ll chronicle a few things that led up to this post.

Pardon the late update, as the posting date was when I created this post lol….

  • Sad as it may sound, I had a recurring sickness similar to one I had several months ago last year, something that changed my eating habits and may have prompted a drinking problem I still face as of this day. Well, I couldn’t eat, so naturally, I drank lol…but not the kind of drink you may be thinking about.
  • Also, next month will also mark the 1 year anniversary of my time here in Germany/Europe. Granted, I was born and raised here, but it was several years ago that I left the old Germany, the Deustche Mark Germany, the Germany that I loved. Upon hearing of this EU I kinda hated this country, but who am I to say, I guess I am just….too troubled by the past that I had, a very sad and frustrating past that I’ve tried so hard to forget. And, it kinda works as I now have very little memory of the memories I sought to forget.
  • Sad things aside, I am looking forward to make this year a year where I will try to change the future that is laid out before me, the future that the past has made, and the future that I will be most happy with. The first thing I will try to do is establish the anime humor that has made me likable throughout the internet, and next I wish to use my voice impersonating skills for something I’ve been planning for months, even before I took up fansubbing. Something hopefully I will carry out and be established with my portfolio should I attempt the career change I had in mind for quite some time now.

And, with that said, those are just the tip of the iceberg for what I have planned for 2007. Naturally, I aim to make anime the same part of my life it has always been throughout the years of my life. So, to finalize my word on this post, I’d like to start the blog upgrades with some things I managed to accomplish in art/anime or manga related contests I’ve entered and fortunately have won something of worth.

  1. February 2003 Local Library Art competition regarding a cover for a Teen Brochure (Runner up)
  2. 2003-2004 Won a couple of Megaman Battle Network merchandise and Astroboy merchandise through local events.
  3. Christmas 2005 Garage kit Japan’s Christmas lottery (First place prize) Which was a Fate Stay Night model kit. You can see it below:
  4. Hobbyfanatics 2005 Winter Contest in which my entry was a special one, albeit it an odd one when it comes to sculpt. An alledged Thai cast of the 1/6th scale Takako Kinoshita Pia Carrot Dim Sum model kit. It is large, heavy and I entered for two reasons: 1, I am a heavy Pia Carrot fan, 2 I wanted to make my first professional looking model kit a Pia Carrot one, and a Takako Kinoshita one at that. A image for oggling purposes. (Random winner)
  5. With 2006 as the year of my “exile” in Germany lol, I was pretty out of touch with contests back at home. But that didn’t stop me from racking up my latest achievement, albeit probably a small one but a big one for me. Manga Academy’s “WTF happened to Manga Academy” contest, where we do a 4-koma, or 4-panel comic in a vertical manner. Having oddly failed at Animenation’s similar contest a few years ago, it was a nice win for me, albeit a kinda unbalanced one…(First place winner)

And so, I expect to add more updates in the days to come. One other reason is I’m waiting for my dad to bring my imported Nintendo DS lite from home, as both my parents went back to the US and decided to let me have Germany all to myself…..well, with my two older brothers to watch me and make sure I don’t drink myelf to oblivion lol. So until I re-acquire my other DS lite, I’ll hold off on that other post I wanted to make concerning “what kind of a traveler I am”.

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