The new Thermos girl figure. Keeps her hot body looking hot, and keeps her….cold as well?

(net downtimes, exhaustion, and other silly health problems prevented me from posting this earlier)

Having (finally) finished fansub work on a episode and for a group to be named later, I breathe a sigh of…. exhaustion lol. I’m not saying it’s tiring and that I don’t like it, I’m actually happy in helping out…anyways, there’s something that caught my mind(or eyes) when I went online recently. It looks a little something like this:

“What’s that, the Asuka twins?” you ask? Well, not really, but in a way, yes it is lol. That’s Asuka Langley from the Evangelion series, this product is from Bandai. Oh, so now you’re saying “Bah, that’s just another one of those 2123245879 million other figure’s of her” lol. Well, not quite. We’ve seen bouncy booby, squishy booby, nekkid booby, or just plain big booby-ed figures out there, but this one needs a “Unique invention” award or something. Maybe this will help shed a brighter light on things:

So, according to the image (from a magazine I presume, a browse through Bandai’s website proved fruitless), the colder the figure is, the darker the clothing, and vice versa. So in other words, the colder it is, the more clothes she wears, the warmer it is the more nekkid she is lol. Ok, so why didn’t they do this, huh? A swimsuit figure of this kind, put her in cold water then you can see her wearing a swimsuit, put her on the sand out on a hot day and it would look like she’s sunbathing. Ah, the possibilities….I can now see a Gundam changing color from Jungle camo mode to Snow camo mode lol.

Ok, so it’s not like I don’t like this figure, in fact I love it very much. Hell, who wouldn’t? Stocking, one piece dress, with fettucine strap and church shoes, what’s not to like? lol

(By the way, I noticed after upgrading my blogger to the latest version, I see a google ad at the very top of the page. does anyone else see that? I’d appreciate it if you let me know through comments)

Comments welcome.

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