Daily Archives: September 28, 2006

Change is….semi-good ^__^

Well, here’s to another edit to the blog. Sorry about the lack of posts lately, internet downtimes were on a record high the previous few days.

Aside from that, I seemingly had too much spare time and ended up spending alot of it on Nintendo Wifi. Metroid Prime Hunters is the name, and ranking up….was the game lol. Unforetunately, I was hoping the Nintendo Nsider forums was a happy place to be, but the low levels of IQ in there was too low to even survive for a minute lol. No offense to the mature members there, but IMO, it sucks there. Anyways, a new look for my blog, still trying out the possibilities, thank you blogspot for being so unmodifiable lol…. I am working on a report concerning anime figures, I’ll be sure to have that up in a bit. So, uh….gee, where do I stand…