Veeta….Do you exist only in my mind?

The Mahou Shoujo Lilikaru Nanoha StrikerS thread at the Animesuki forums

Ok, I’m a mad person. I was just speculating, having fun you know, when I got into overdrive mode lol. But while doing this post, I had the sudden dread of blood rushing to my head. I have a PDA, see, and I took up drawing on it recently. So the thought occurred to to me, “Since my adrenaline is tops, why don’t I show them how I want Veeta to be?”. Well, after a couple of minutes or hour or so, here was what I was able to sketch on a puny little screen:

Ok, I’ve been drawing for years, and on paper I’m at a professional level. But this is the first time I have drawn on a 320×320 HP iPaQ PPC PDA. I have drawn on a Vadem Clio before, but on such a small screen, the image had to be created small (The Clio has a 640×480 screen). I’ll also admit this PDA’s screen protector wasn’t really a smooth surface. But, who cares, to me the sketch turned out fine, and I’ll say a grown Veeta has my innards churning ’round and ’round lol.

I’ll say it wasn’t hard figuring out how Veeta will end up, since I had previously envisioned her while doing the Animesuki post. I still can’t believe they were mentioning high heels, when I was actually joking about that. I had felt that having the usagibunny on her head wasn’t really a grown thing to do, so the idea of a plushie hanging by the belt was interesting. It should be no surprise why I decided on striped stockings instantly. And yes, naturally I went with boots, seriously now did you honestly think high heels was even a consideration? XD

You know, it actually felt good to draw once again. I didn’t have, what whoeverhisnamewas would say, “A pencil, a paper and a place to draw the world of my mind.” By the way it was me who said that. lol. Ehem, anyways, I was thinking of doing a manga on this HP iPAQ, seeing as how fired up I was to actually finish something on a PDA. We’ll see, we’ll see…..

One response to “Veeta….Do you exist only in my mind?

  1. Lol nice drawing!and high heels o_O? never was expecting to hear that D:but yeah, BUNNIES RULZ TEH WORLD!~Hoshi

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